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Want to become slim? Learn how to use sports supplements!

Nowadays, the shelves still are full of different food additives ( at least in the capital ). To decide what sports product you don’t personally easier than University master program in chemistry. Why not just imagining for us, fitnessista! There is something come into confusion, the more that one is

recommended to drink ( eat ) before training, and another right between sets, and the third supposedly helps to rejuvenate after a workout. And all this wealth is offered in a variety of cans, bottles and bottles, so just my head is spinning.

We’ve compiled a brief guide to the world of sports nutrition. Remember that these products contain potential allergens like fragrances and preservatives. So before buying a big pack of the product, take the smallest one available. Put yourself on the experimentand only in case of success, spend money on packaging more. Action sports nutrition products is never instantaneous. Usually the body gets used to a new product for 2-3 weeks and then begins to benefit.

When to drink plain water?

In our body water is responsible for many vital functions, including thermoregulation. For fitnessista this question of principle. Exercises greatly increase your body temperature. If not water, after an hour of intense aerobics you would like enough heat stroke. “To fill up” with water before a workout is like pour water in the radiator: underfilling in danger of overheating. Lack only 2% of body fluids means a decrease in athletic performance by 10%! If you are missing 10% of water is already a high degree of dehydration. Exercises will seem unbearably heavy, and to still perform the number of sets and repetitions, working weight have to reduce by half. Well, this is not training, and a waste of time.

To put ourselves in a state of full combat readiness, before training, drink about 200 g of water. Attention! Drink water slowly, in small SIPS. If you drink water in one gulp, she almost immediately placed in the urinary bladder and ask to get back. If training lasts an hour or more, drink 100-200g of water every 15-20 minutes of training. Wait for thirst is not worth it. It appears that when there is a deficiency of fluid in the body is already more than a quart. Sports doctors believe that fitnessista practicing aerobics 3-5 times a week, have to drink over diet at least 3 liters of water without gas.

When: before, during and after training.

When to drink low-carb drinks?

To train properly, you need a decent source of energy. Blood glucose is not suitable. It ends already on 4-8 minute training. Energy you will provide glycogen, in other words, in advance of the “canned” in the muscles and liver concentrate of glucose. This supply is enough to properly train for about an hour. An hour later, the performance drops sharply, and the body goes to the emergency source of power – starts to “burn through” the muscles. However, the effectiveness of this “fuel” is low, so that the previous intensity you will not show. The depletion of glycogen is the main reason of muscle fatigue.

Already twenty years ago, studies have shown that athletes who drink right in training an aqueous solution of glucose ( 18-25 g of glucose at normal bottle 0.33 l) capable of exercise longer than those who drink plain water. Based on this fact, the sports industry has created a nice low-carb drinks. They will enhance your endurance and protect the muscles, if you are going to train longer hours. During such a long workout you need to drink 100-200 g of beverage every 15-20 minutes.

Low-carb sports drinks include an aqueous solution of glucose and sucrose. These carbohydrates are easily digested and make up for a dwindling reserves of glycogen. Moreover, in many of the drinks included a variety of useful products.

When: before a long workout and during it, especially in hot and/or humid weather.

Do I need a drink with a high content of carbohydrates?

Most likely not. Drinks with a high content of carbohydrates ( serving of this drink contains up to 110 g carbs ) are necessary when you have a real sporting challenge like bike ride hundreds of miles or many hours of Hiking. High carbohydrate drinks are good for the marathon runners, but if you train without the extreme, they turn out to be a bust calories. It would seem that the extra sugar is stored as glycogen, but your liver is not rubber, all carbs are not going to accommodate. The excess is turned into fat and secreted in the skin. And this is a completely useless!

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