When it is useful to engage in fitness – morning or evening?

Question, when to exercise, is very many women

Question, when to exercise, is very many women. Because some of us can go to the gym early in the morning, and someone prefers to run on the track late in the evening, after work. Unfortunately, few people can afford to choose the classroom: we always adjust to the time. And yet, and when to be still more useful, that is provided that you can choose the trek sports.

But clearly answer this question no one can ” neither the coaches nor the doctor, write “Arguments and Facts”. But each practice has its “for” and “against”. In practice, most early classes insist those who wakes up easily – it’s basically “early birds”. And such lovers of morning exercise for 20-25%. But “owls” among us more – 30-40% – and they are nicer to go to the gym in the evening. And the rest – the mixed type – still, when to get up early in the morning though, even though almost bedtime.

And now all the arguments”for” morning exercises.

First, experts claim that after the morning sports decreased appetite for the day: British scientists compared data from surveys conducted among lovers of Jogging. It turned out that those who ran in the mornings, then during the day, was feeling hungry less often than fans of the evening physical exercises. As a result, the researchers suggested that the morning workout inhibits the release of hormones that are responsible for our appetite, writes “AIF”. That is, those ladies who are prone to overeating after a morning workout easier to cope with the habit all the time something to chew on during the day.

In addition, during physical exertion carbohydrates are consumed first, and only after 20 minutes of workout, the muscles begin to get energy from fat – this is surely warned you trainers. Therefore, those who are using training plans to lose weight, always recommended to do at least 40 minutes. However, a recent study by the American College of sports medicine show that in the first half of the day is enough exercise only 20–30 minutes. By the way, gyrosigma the effect of this will be identical to 40 minutes after lunch. And the thing is that prior to 17.00 hours, our metabolism is configured to consumption, including fat. And after that “rush hour” of the intensity of metabolic processes quenched, hormonal and other systems focused on the replacement of reserves. So am stubborn fat deposits easier go. Again after the morning practice, said “AIF”, fatigue is faster and the muscles recover better. This is evidenced by a new study from Canada’s University of Toronto.

The doctors watched passionate about fitness 3000 people and found that after a morning of training heart rate was restored to normal on average 20% faster than after evening. In addition, a blood test showed that with the same training intensity microtrauma in muscle fibers and associated blood changes in the morning less of a problem.

And now the case “against” morning classes

Most often in the morning we simply do not have time to eat Breakfast, and to train in the morning on an empty stomach even harmful and excessive exercise can lead to fainting. Without Breakfast, our energy and effort there is only enough light exercises. And what in that case to do? Getting up two hours earlier to have Breakfast and wait an hour before Breakfast will be digested? Then run to the gym, and then another, and at the service? Of course, such an option very few people will do. However, you can drink sweet tea with a slice of chocolate or coffee with sugar, or fruit juice, eat a handful of raisins or dried apricots – all these foods are quickly digested, while you dress. In addition, during sleep you don’t drink any liquid for at least 7-8 hours. And once the liquid is gone, so the blood became thicker, increase the circulation in such a “neat” means to overload the heart and veins. Therefore, before training it is necessary to drink 1–2 cups of liquid and wait 5 minutes–10 so that the moisture is absorbed. “So after sleeping the blood circulation in the body is slowed down, the lungs are constricted, the nervous system is inhibited. So to start charging necessary with a warm-up, gradually increasing the load. Beginners are recommended in the morning to give yourself a serious workload type running or strength training, it is better to walk, ride a bike, swim,” writes “AIF”.

And now the arguments “for” evening exercise classes

Even Amateurs know that the evening metabolism slows, and so is the chocolate, which we ate for Breakfast, the figure is almost not affected, but a piece of cake at dinner immediately stored around the waist the next morning. Therefore, in the evening moderate exercise – this is a great way to speed up the metabolism. However, the load must be reasonable – no sports records and Olympic achievements! It is also known that burning calories does not stop with the end of the workout – PPO inertia for a minimum of 12 hours the muscle continues to consume energy for recovery. Now imagine that after a workout, you ate a light dinner and went to bed. No more food, new energy is not supplied, then the body will be forced to turn to stored fat. And so on until the morning. And in the morning your metabolism is also not up to the reserves, and, as a consequence, weight loss is inevitable.

And evidence “against” fitness in the evening: not everyone can make themselves after work to go to the fitness centre or relax in the pool, odplavam there for a number of kilometers. Someone just can’t find the motivation to break the usual stereotype and evening to do something active, but some people really are too tired after the service physically. In addition, there is a huge “minus” this is a huge desire to eat after a workout before bedtime. Especially because at night all you want “to visit the fridge” always. Experts from the Swedish school of sport science and health believes that this indicator is incorrectly selected workout. She was clearly or too intense, or too long. Therefore, it is better to replace Jogging for a walk, aerobics on the bike and shorten classes to 40 hours or 30 minutes. Besides, it often happens that after training hard to sleep – it is the consequence of too intensive training.

And now let’s sum up: in the morning and in the evening its pluses and minuses. So consider your own preferences, or, unfortunately, more important, from the work schedule. In any case move when you are comfortable and comfortable, much more useful than not to move at all.

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