When is the best time to run, morning or evening

When is the best time to run, morning or evening? When is the best time to run, morning or evening? And is there a difference?

This question has plagued many. Definite answer can be given after determining your goals.

When is the best time to run, morning or evening? And is there a difference?

This question has plagued many. Definite answer can be given after determining your goals.

The first option, if you decide to lose weight, then definitely you should run in the morning, between 6 and 8 hours. Explain why it is so.

The fact is that to burn fat you need to create multiple conditions:

First to use up all the glucose or, to make it clearer – sugar. As it is the first source of energy in the body.

To raise your body temperature.

To increaseblood pressure.

And that’s just in the mornings in our body the least amount of sugar. Accordingly, the body in order to get the energy to work, that is, Jogging will be actively burn fat.

Option two, you decided to keep your heart in good shape. In that case you better run to do tonight, but you can in the morning. The main thing before you start to eat something sweet, or drink water with honey, but not eat and after Jogging to eat. Then your muscles are not going anywhere, and your heart will be normal.

To run in the winter – for and against.

Go Jogging in the winter it is also useful, frosty fresh air Sziget your blood, thus reducing the likelihood of clogging of blood vessels. Another winter Jogging contribute to hardening and vigor of the body. But it is not advisable to run during a hard frost and dress too warm or too easy. Perfect option to wear simple sports suit with thermal underwear and a hat.

how to breathe correctly when begeek to breathe correctly while running?

To breathe it is desirable nose, and need to breathe only through the nose. With such a breath you lose less moisture, respectively less tired. Very big plus is that you will breathe through the nose while running, the training of the nasal mucosa and cleaning of the nasal sinuses.

Breathe deliberately and calmly, but do not try to adjust the duration of inhalation and exhalation, otherwise you will knock the breath. Just run and think about something, but the body itself will adjust all. Go ahead…

How many times a week and how much time you need to run?

Note that the body begins to burn fat after 15 or 20 minutes. Therefore, the recommended duration of not less than 40 minutes. But…

For people who value their muscle mass, it is important not to run more than 50 minutes. Because after 50 minutes begins to produce the hormone – cortisol. It destroys the protein structure of our body. For training of the heart 2-3 times a week will suffice. For burning fats preferably more often. You can even every day. But it should be done subject to certain rules. If you want to run more often, but not to destroy it while the muscular structure, it is better to run a couple of times a day.

And here we approach to such questions, how to run?

Most effective how to lose weight, and for the training of the heart – it is Jogging. At this rate you will be able to run long enough without a lot of stress on the heart.

If more specifically, we try to keep a pace so that the heart worked to the rhythm of 130-140 beats per minute. If you find it difficult to determine when the heart works, remember that running should remind fast walking.

run with naparnikom to start, but rather how to force yourself to run?

Find a partner for Jogging. Joint efforts will be easier to start the run. And responsibility to another person is also a good motivator.

First week you can even just quickly like 20 minutes – 30 in the Park or forest. This is especially true of people who haven’t run before or Jogging, but for a long time. The untrained body will find it hard to start exercising. There are some chemical and physical processes that just will not let you run more. More about this can be read in another article on the factor of the sport since it is a separate big topic. Just as long as you remember that you should start slowly and gradually move to a run of 40 – 50 minutes 2 — 3 times a week. It is possible and more importantly jog. Start, run, with 15 minutes per day, and each time add 5 minutes.

There are other methods. For example, you can lift weights, but it’ll be a different race, which does not happen nor heart to train or to lose weight.

And some more recommendations.

Every time a running start with a good warm-up the body, not to get injuries, believe it’s real. Quite suitable school warm up with lessons of physical culture.don’t run on uphills and downhills

In no case should not go for a run with pain in the joints and ligaments. Running may worsen your condition.

Shoes must be thick soles on a dirt road and preferably without ascents and descents. So you can reduce the load on your joints.

To determine do not overload if you your body will note the following:

1. Profuse salivation indicates overload of the organism and znachit need to reset the speed. Saliva not do dehydration you to anything.

2. The appearance of heaviness and dull pain in my head means that your run today is over and your heart is not yet ready for such loads. And next time pick up the pace a bit lower.

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