What to do with boarded muscles after workout

Usually after the first exercise, after some time, you may experience pain in the hands and feet. Your body develops delayed onset muscle soreness, in other words the stiffness of the muscles. It occurs after a large load on the body, after a pause in any sport. You begin to study harder, trying to catch up, and the muscles become clogged from unsustainable impact on them.

What is clogged muscles and what to do to relieve stress – try to understand. During an intense workout, work the whole muscle group,

increasing in its size. In the build-up of acid, and it is known that the toxins produced in the human body after unusual physical exertion .

To relieve muscle soreness after a workout, we recommend the following:

– massage the painful areas of the muscle;

– taking a shower (you only need to use warm water, otherwise the effect may be the reverse);

– the use of special vitamin complexes .

How to get rid of delayedonset muscle soreness?

Delayed onset muscle soreness (sore muscles after a workout) is currently a very common symptom among people involved in sports.

In addition to the selection of lactic acid, causes can also serve as microfractures. They appear when excessive load on the body, improper warm-up, after a prolonged break and use much weight during training. Such afflictions of the body can lead to the fact that people won’t even get out of bed with severe pain.

When excessive stress on the body to replenish its strength and to take extra care of their health. To restore strength, improve your overall condition recommend Apitonus P. The drug, which is considered to be a powerful source of natural vitamins. The product contains bee pollen. vitamin C. bioflavonoid dihydroquercetin. vitamin E and Royal jelly. Components that will provide the body with useful macro – and microelements, and vitamins all the required groups.

What to do with boarded muscles after workouts?

There are a number of additional recommendations on how to ease the pain due to clogged muscles after a workout:

– use simulators to stretch muscles after a workout.

– the perfect tool is the sauna;

– should observe special meals. use products containing vitamins a, C and E;

– daily charging will play a positive role in preparing the muscles for exercise;

– timely and proper rest for recuperation of the body.

Delayed onset muscle soreness can pass on its own, but will remind myself muscle pain for five long days, sometimes longer.

It should be remembered that delayed onset muscle soreness usually occurs right away, but after a day or two after exercise. The high stiffness of the muscles can cause, doing bower pull, squats or pushups. It is considered that the pain in muscles after exercise, this is normal. It’s sort of part of the recovery process. But you need to understand that the pain should be tolerable and in some sense pleasant. If you experience severe discomfort, is to abandon this type of practice. But if the body does not respond to training – he just used. Should speed up the tempo or change the load for best results.

During any type of training, the body needs extra food and attention. For as little as possible to experience discomfort in the muscles, it is recommended to use special drugs to athletes Elton P and Leviton P. was developed by company LLC “Paraform” .

These tools will provide you with additional stamina of the body due to their unique compositions. You will also feel a surge of strength, at a time when they seemed on the wane.

Elton P contains the root of the Eleutherococcus. vitamin C, vitamin E and bee pollen. It is those components that are needed during intense physical activity, they are rich in nutrients and help protect the body.

Leveton P based on the root levzei. also contains vitamin C, vitamin E and bee pollen. The drug is aimed at promoting muscle growth. Contains a full complex of trace elements, amino acids and vitamins needed for the body of the athlete in moments of physical exercise.

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