What is the benefit of running

The benefit of running. How to run?

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Today, as never before, all media agitate for a healthy lifestyle based on proper nutrition and regular physical activity . Yes, human progress and modern technologies have facilitated the work of people, but also brought adverse health issues.

People became less move: walk replaced the transport, the majority of women and men sitting at the computer. There is nothing surprising in the fact that all the people began to suffer from headaches, lack of energy and mood, obesity, heart — vascular disease.

But because physical activity can regain your health, body beauty and youth of the soul. If you still doubt it, then it is necessary to believe and to check.

Running — is one of the most democratic sports. This is the most affordable form of motor activity and at the same time one of the most useful and effective. But not everyone is as reallyproperly run.

What is the benefit of running?

Studies have shown that running increases the chances to maintain a trim figure and physical activity and health for many years, helps to fight obesity. During regular treadmill workout metabolism switches to the consumption of fat, activates the hormones lipolysis (adrenaline and noradrenaline); increased mood and muscle tone, thereby increasing the consumption of calories during the day; reduce the need for food to set the mood, because blood has the energy split fat — gradually you will no longer have a craving for snacks and late dinners to satiety.

Due to run the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes is reduced by 70%.

Running helps to speed up metabolism. A 40% decrease in the risk of cancer of the gastrointestinal tract.

Running is effective for strengthening muscles and bones.

Running improves brain.

When running work all muscle groups. Running promotes good ventilation of the lungs, improves circulation, good impact on the nervous system.

Running — it’s a great way to relax and unwind the body after work.

How to run?

Before you start to run, surveyed at the doctor. Because Jogging may not suit all condition. The doctor at least tell you what the load is acceptable for you.

If you decide to start running and your health this is not a hindrance, then initially need to determine the area where you will run. If you live in a big city, choose a place away from cars, factories, garbage gatherings, etc. It could be the Park in your area, sea front, wooded area, football stadium, school Playground. The main thing is that you feel good in this place to spend their time. To run on the asphalt road is not desirable, it is better on grass, land or rubber track.

For Jogging you need to choose comfortable clothes and shoes. In sportmagazine consultant will help you to choose shoes with thick soles for running. This is a very important aspect of proper and efficient running, which will help you make your workout safe from injury and discomfort.

So, you’ve come to the stadium with a stopwatch. It’s advisable to know the length of the path that you plan to run. For example, the circumference of the football stadium is about 400 m, school playgrounds — 200 m. Considering the number of laps you will run, you can easily calculate how many meters you run for one training.

The upper torso while running fixed. Watch your posture. Do not tilt the torso forward or backward, and swing your body from side to side.

Elbows bent at an angle of about 70 degrees and move along the body. Do not wave your hands while running, and do not press them to the body. Not much strain the muscles of the arms — this is a waste of energy.

The feet should be placed gently, avoiding hitting the ground, so as not to damage the joints.

Step — nesamani and not too wide. You not have to land on a straight leg, and prosohnut to avoid strong impacts and will not cause injury to joints. Distribute the load across the whole foot evenly. More the load will go not on the heel and on pregnyl of the foot in the area of the thumb.

Start your first workout with a little distance of 2 km. If it is hard to escape, take breaks. Pace choose such that you have not had shortness of breath. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Breathing should be even and deep, but not through force. You must be comfortable and easy to breathe, look do not overdo it, listen to your body.

In the first week of the run can vary from a brisk walk or swimming, 1-2 days can make breaks.

Gradually increase the distance. So in the second week, you must increase the distance to 2, 7 km; in the third week — to 3, 2 miles; a fourth — up to 3.6 km; fifth — until 4; 6 week — up to 4, 5 by 5 km.

Combining different types of workouts, you can avoid the monotony and boredom, prevent injury and muscle strain. Can include in your workouts swimming, walking, Cycling or any other sport. Most importantly — the regularity of your training.

In the first weeks after Jogging, you may encounter pain in my knees. These pains are related to the fact that your feet are strong impacts with the ground.

To soften the blows should:

to pick shoes with a thick sole;

to reduce the width of the step;

to pump up the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, to take the shock loading of the foot on the surface of the road;

to stop running on hard asphalt surface.

If you have shortness of breath and pain in the side, is to slow down the pace that you were able to restore breathing through the nose.

Also, you can leave strength and faith in the result. Never give up! You should clearly know your target and go for it despite his change of mood. You yourself came to the run. Remember what motivated You to do them and start to run. There is no room for self-pity, laziness and excuses. Forward!

To get rid of excess fat, you need to run more than 30 minutes. So running Jogging within 10-20 minutes, burn carbs, and only after 20 minutes you start to burn fat. The most effective Jogging for weight loss is considered to be interval running, where you are at every 100 m change the tempo.

The first 100 meters — fast walking, following 100 m — Jogging and 100 m — running at top speed. The cyclical nature of these exercises for 30 minutes will allow you to quickly bring your body shape and weight to normal.

But still a major fad in the weight loss is proper nutrition. Keep this in mind!

«In man, everything should be fine» A. P. Chekhov

Beauty needs support and improvement. If desired, one can achieve the ideals of his body. Every person in any circumstance can do something to become better. And the sooner people take the path of self-improvement, the more it this way will pass.

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