Triathlon how to raise your endurance

About 3 main and 4 a crucial component of the triathlon.

1. Swimming

In triathlon usually the guys that have already done serious swimming, Cycling or running. But most readily take good swimmers, because to teach

the runner to swim well is harder than the swimmer’s okay to run. In swimming, the result is more dependent on innate data. In addition, in the Olympic triathlon, if the athlete is moving slowly, it may not be able to join the main group of cyclists — the peloton, seconds gap from the leaders accrue, and the chances of winning is low. I was called into the triathlon, violating the natural order of things. I quickly ran, but by the standards of the triathletes swam pretty bad. I was lucky: I was 17 when I got to the coach, who previously worked with the swimmers, he was able to give me proper technique in just six months, and it turned out that I was a good swimmer.

2. Bike

In the Olympic triathlon at this stage, strong athletes are kept in one group, use tactical cunning for as longas possible to go to the wind shadow of the opponent, and come to the finish line almost simultaneously. So fancy, expensive, made-to-order bike professional triathlete doesn’t need to ride in the peloton technology is not important. It often happens that on the competitions in which we participate are not only professional, the Amateur, if he earns a lot, bike a lot better than me. I drive a pretty ordinary roadies 7 thousand euros, and he can have the phone in a few tens of thousands.

3. Running

This is the final stage of the competition, and most often it is decided, which of the athletes come first. Make a fast getaway once did you swim 1.5 km, bike 40 km, you need a horse’s stamina and healthy big heart. For example, I have a comfortable heart rate at which I can run at 170 beats per minute, and for most people, prolonged pressure on the pulse 140–150 beats per minute are considered unsafe. In practice, this means that when we participate in the competition along with lovers, I overtake them as milestones.

How we achieve such endurance? Very simple. We work a lot. For example, a week in training I used to run about 100 km., With such intensity for the year worn out 4 pairs of training shoes.

4. Character

Professional triathlon is a tough sport. For most of the race the first stage is carried out not in the pool and in open water, at the same time starts fifty people, and separate tracks for each sport-no change. As a result, in the water you are constantly hit with hands and lahaut feet to take an advantageous position. Or may be imbedded, and then you’re through the water watching over you swim competitors. People are getting black, with a cut eyebrow. And all this in order to break away from the main group, in which the kneading is continued until the finish of the aqueous phase. In short, no male character in triathlon is nothing to do.

5. Pride

Someone thinks that triathletes is neither here nor there, neither fish nor fowl. Maybe in swimming we are really weak when compared with the elite, but with our Russian professional cyclists we can compete. Incidentally, we competed with them and showed good results. Athletes have recently started to respect us and also due to the fact that we participate with them in competitions (for example, in the championship of Moscow). Our guys these races always hit at least in the top three.

6. Muscles and technique

In all three sports work different muscle groups. Swimmers usually pumped back and shoulders, upper body, riders and athletes often the legs are strong, and the body is dead. The triathlete body is developed harmoniously: we pumped and top, and bottom. By the way, I child, all-around liked the fact that you are developing versatile. However, there is one big “but”. In fact, we have to deal simultaneously with three sports, and on a professional level. Technique needs to be perfect in all three, one power triathlon wins. And this is how the three language learning — German, Chinese and some Arabic. Mastering one technique does not help to master the other two. But neither in training nor in competition will not be bored.

7. The Ironman world championship

The famous race is, roughly speaking, plans to retire. I want to participate in it at least in order to fully realize its potential — gained physical form and experience. But when professionally engaged in the Olympic triathlon, not Ironman. After it took a long time to recover, and we have so much in no time — the season starts. By the way, the three-time Ironman winner Craig Alexander began to participate in this race only 35 years old. So I have a chance to become a real “iron man”. But first I still want to win the Olympics.

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