The simple goal is the best motivation for fitness!

How we think

Important factors that keep people from the commencement of the fitness plan, or continue it for no more than a few weeks, is the size of the task that they set themselves.

Many new gym members go to the first with the idea that you have to visit the gym four times a day, and by the summer the weight will drop just a few pounds. Despite the fact that installing such a huge long-term goal is

admirable, it can make it difficult to stay focused for more than a few weeks.

Those who install a simple short-term goals and the ultimate goal, is much more likely to remain in good shape throughout their workout plan and eventually carry out their long term goals.

Why do I need to set simple goals?

Fitness training – it is a challenge not only Your muscles, but also Your willpower. Setting many small goals that you can accomplish in a short period of time, allow in the end to do a great job, which ultimately proved to be less intimidating.

If a person is excessively overweightwill set a goal next year to participate in the marathon, then he himself would feel, running in the morning session just a few miles away? The chances to stay motivated enough to run a marathon will be extremely small.

But what if, instead of such Grand goals to put the first task is to run around the block? Then after a week increase the load to two laps, then three and so on, gradually increasing your goals and workload. There is a good chance that this technique will allow to systematically train this feeling of moral discomfort elusive goal.

May success leads you forward!

The achievement of any small goals that you create for yourself can help to create a sense of accomplishment that will propel You forward to achieve new successes.

The more you get this feeling of success, the easier it will be to force yourself to move on.

Sports players may notice that they feel less tired by the end of games, when their goal is very close, and this often comes with personal challenges and successes.

Setting small and achievable goals will allow you to feel in a good mood more often – is to increase your motivation and chances for long term success.

Correctly set goals

Of course, it is extremely important to have the end goal in mind when building a fitness regime, but it is worth remembering that such a goal may not be entirely pleasant reminder after weeks of grueling workouts. The best short-term goals are those that are achievable, but achieving them will take a fair amount of effort and training.

If possible, try to set your goals around habits rather than around the results. The desire to go to the gym three times a week and to eat healthy food is more productive purpose than to think about losing a few pounds.

Such setting goals allows you to not be upset in the absence of quick results, because the goal itself is constantly on the horizon and does not allow decisively to give up playing.

A useful tool for Your motivation will also be fixing Your passable results and goals achieved. This can help you remember how far You have progressed in the gym and more push to reach the next goal.

Why not set the first goal today and embark on the path of achieving their goals?

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