The priceless gift of health.


The next day, eat in the morning any fresh fruit (banana, orange, grapefruit or Apple). To this we can add two tablespoons of sprouted wheat, sweeten with honey (but no more than one tablespoon). In the afternoon you can eat a salad of shredded carrots, cabbage and celery, one hot vegetable dish and one toast. In the evening you can eat a dinner salad leaves, watercress and tomatoes and two vegetable dishes. And since the tenth day you can move to a normal vegetarian diet.

Similarly leave and ten days of fasting (only shifts the timing).

The only thing to remember: within seven to ten days without food, your body did not experience the feeling of hunger, so you will have no appetite. But it will appear. Need only time that the body remembered what the food is. He will move from the detoxification program of the program of saturation.


First, you possibly will experience discomfort — the body is not easy to adjust quickly. This condition is called a healing crisis, it is a reaction zashlakovannost organism bestowed on him a break, sort of output you get when you realize that it can perfectly be used for General cleaning. No, not a day off, rather it’s a Saturday!

The natural process of self-purification of the body, usually during (or after) fasting, accompanied by a discharge of mucus from the nose, mouth, internal organs.

If the crisis persists, you can begin to take fresh fruit juices (at first it is advisable to dilute them boiled or distilled water, or herbal teas, but in no event it is impossible to interrupt starvation, immediately starting to eat. It is with some delay in time can cause significant deterioration of health. VLOOKUP belts women Kiev ochem, details about all this can be read from the Field Bragg in his book “the Miracle of fasting” — how to starve, right out of fasting and physiological reactions to expect.

Paul Bragg was never tired of repeating: fasting as one of the components of a healthy diet and, in turn, a healthy lifestyle can significantly rejuvenate the body, heal and restore his strength. Bragg was convinced that fasting is scientific, one can overcome the evil time, and find a never-fading youth. He always stressed: “a Weekly per diem of complete starvation in the amount of fifty-two a year and four off-season, lasting from a week to ten days, can relieve joints and muscles from toxins (waste products of metabolism biological process of converting food into living matter, and this matter, in turn, into energy, storing in itself the causes of our diseases and premature senility”.

If the decay products are not removed from the body, poisoning is inevitable, as inevitable and become a variety of physical and psychological problems. Bragg explained it this way: “We take food. It is digested — the nutrients go into the blood, and everything unnecessary is removed from the body. For this we have four organ responsible for the excretion of toxins: intestines, kidneys, lungs and skin. They worked fine — our body needs to be high life potential”.

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