The benefits of swimming for the spine positive impact

The benefits of swimming for spinal health

Swimming provides undeniable benefits to health that can not afford other sports.

Its usefulness increases significantly if you will engage them in the sea.

If you experience problems with the spine regular swimming improves its condition and relieves pain.

Why swimming has a positive effect on the body

Daily, being in a vertical position, the discs between the vertebrae are compressed under the weight of the body, which in places is deteriorating blood circulation.

In addition, with age, the spine loses its flexibility.

Being in the water, internal organs are no longer be squeezed, the back is completely unloaded . significantly increases the freedom of motion of the joints of the spine.

When using different styles of swimming are utilizedalmost all muscle groups . and trained muscles of the spine maintain good posture and not allow the space between the vertebrae severely squeezed. And it already is a remarkable prevention of many serious diseases, such as osteochondrosis. hernia of the spine, etc.

If you want using the navigation to correct curvature of the spine, it is first necessary to consult a doctor about what swimming style is best to do specifically in your case, float on your stomach or on your back.

Regular pool sessions will bring noticeable relief, will give your body freedom of movement. In addition they are recommended for the improvement of psychoemotional state and for the prevention of vascular diseases.

Relaxation for the spine

When the patient is in the pool (even just in the supine position, his spine is completely discharged, and the disks between the vertebrae straightened and “relax”.

Joints work with high amplitude

Muscle training

In this case, the benefits from going to the pool is that in the water a person should constantly keep the balance, which in the work of connecting the inner and deep back muscles . are necessarily required to support the vertebrae.

The increase in excursion of the lungs

For anybody not a secret that with age, the capacity of the lungs is lessened due to the fact that decreases the amplitude of motion of the joints of the ribs and thoracic spine.

People in old age, the excursion of the chest is only 1-2 cm or disappears completely.

Tour – is a certain distance that the lower border of the lungs move during breathing movements.

During the voyage, it is recommended to master the technique of “competent breathing” . quickly exhale and inhale deeply. Great depth and frequency of breaths increases the range of motion of the thoracic spine and rib joints and improves lung ventilation.

The benefits of swimming also is that even in old age can use the joints of the ribs and spine, to restore and maintain lung capacity.

Psychological and emotional health

Swimming releases tension in the muscles and improves emotional state, regardless of where you will swim – in the pool or on the river.

The human body completely relaxes and calms down.

Behold, how pleasant and useful things you can obtain when swimming. Choose a technique and a style of swimming that suits you, and enjoy the results.

Swimming styles in various back problems

Crawl without the removal of the hands or breaststroke

It is recommended to those people who have not had any physical activity or elderly people.


On the back

When swimming on the back, the spine is completely discharged, that is why, if you have serious back problems, it is better to swim and to lie in that situation.

Herniated discs

The positive impact of swimming with a hernia of the spine, is to reduce the load on the back.

Water treatments lead to a reduction in pain that was the result of compensatory spasm of the muscles of the spine.

In addition, trips to the pool contribute to the improvement of metabolic processes in the surrounding tissues, the restoration of blood supply to the affected area, strengthening the corset back, which frees the muscles and the affected part of your back from undue strain.

But do not forget that for people with spinal hernia is strictly prohibited conventional types of navigation. A set of exercises in the water must be developed by qualified specialists – trainers, or coaches.

As a rule, such patients are advised to swim crawl or backstroke, as well as to do special exercises on the hood of the spinal column.

Classes should be sure to monitor the instructor, talking about how to swim properly, and what loads should be avoided. The pool must be regular . 2-3 times per week, lasting about 1 hour.

The optimum water temperature for these people – 28 degrees.


Going to the pool with this diagnosis, we must remember several important rules .

The greatest unfoldment of the spine can be achieved by floating the two styles: the backstroke and breaststroke.

Exercises for your back in the pool

To exercise in the water to be productive, you can use fins or other additional device, as such equipment increases the resistance of the water.

The main thing to avoid hypothermia .

It is also forbidden to enjoy water treatments in the presence of scratches, wounds, cuts, inflammation and infectious diseases, as this can cause discomfort and pain.

Let us consider a few exercises that are recommended to strengthen the spine:

Lie back stretching (the ropes that divide the lanes in the pool) and extend your arms overhead, feet should be in a calm state lying on the water. Thanks to this exercise is good “works” thoracic spine and muscles. A couple of minutes at a stretch is an excellent prevention of scoliosis and stooped, and treatment of curvatures of the spine.

Lie between the marks, across the swimming lanes. Hands need to stay for one of the stretch marks, and feet to put on the other stretch. Try to keep your back straight, gradually tensing all the muscles. This exercise allowed to do and on my stomach (in the mask).

Feet put on the side of the pool, and the pelvis should touch the rim. The back should rest on the water, hands and tossed to the side. Relax and close your eyes. Lie down in this position for 5-10 minutes.

The peculiarity of these water treatments is that all the muscles worked out very well, but they do not bear any load, as when training on simulators.

Pool recommend people for treatment and prevention of various injuries and diseases of the spine, osteochondrosis, scoliosis. the kyphosis. Swimming will benefit the internal organs and the human spine, and has virtually no contraindications.

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