The benefit of running the best time to practice

How to treat your body and get slim figure with running?

Today, sport is not only healthy, but also very popular.

Opportunities to play sports is really a lot one can do in the fitness center, to go dancing, yoga, aerobics or Jogging in the Park.

By the way, Jogging is becoming more and more popular every year.

Increasingly in the parks you can see people running. And for good reason. The benefit of running is really enormous.

Why is he so good?

There are many reasons good run for health, weight loss and overall body health.

Thanks to the Jogging cleared the body. While running, the blood rushing through the vessels and collects all the unnecessary, then through sweat from the body out all the accumulated toxins.

The benefit of running is that increases circulation, all the organs are saturated with oxygen.

Jogging provide significant benefits for the heart. So Jogging are essential for the prevention of heart disease.

All the musclesinvolved and trained during the run. Running – excellent physical exercise that helps to keep the muscles in tone.

Moreover, the benefit of running is that it helps to burn calories, thereby helping to maintain good form.

It is also interesting that when run produces the hormone called “happiness”, which helps to deal with stress.

The benefit of running lies in the fact that it is an excellent rejuvenator for the body.

Preparation for training

First you must be completely sure that there are no contraindications for health for running. For this you can consult a doctor.

The main contraindications for Jogging are the problems with joints and spine, and cardiovascular system.

If there are no contraindications, then you can safely start running.

First you need to purchase a comfortable sport clothes and shoes.

Jogging is better to choose parks, squares and stadiums. Asphalt pavement is not the best coating for Jogging, since there is a very large load on the joints and spine.

Everything else in the Park you can breathe fresh air, not polluted, not only will not benefit, and may hurt.

Before a run you need to do exercises to stretch your muscles.

If you are only going to run in the mornings, it is recommended to start with a 10-15 minute jog.

Proper technique

While running is a huge stress on the spine, so it is necessary to develop proper running technique, not to hurt the spine and joints.

It is very important to breath while running. Without proper breathing exercise will not be successful and useful.

There are some rules of breathing while running:

Breathe the diaphragm, i.e., the stomach and not the chest. This type of breathing called abdominal.

Take a breath every two steps. For a more professional runners can breathe every 3-4 steps.

As for the running technique, there are also basic rules:

The correct posture. It is important to keep your back straight, head straight.

The arm and hand. Hands are not pressed against the body. Bend their elbows and hands to clench into fists.

The legs and feet. The foot hold in parallel. The load you should try to distribute evenly. Land on the ground better than soft, this will help to avoid injuries. Step should not be too short, as this will not give the muscles, and should not be long, as this may cause injury.

Jogging in the morning

What could be better than starting your day with a morning run?

This exercise will bring many tangible benefits for the body:

Beautiful toned body;

Immunity enhancement and the improvement of the body;

Hormone “happiness”;

The increased charge of vivacity for the whole day;

Self-organization and discipline, pricevalue to get up early in the morning and going for a run.

Where to start Jogging in the morning? First, you need to do exercises to help the body to Wake up and warm up the muscles.

Before a run in any case not to have Breakfast, you can drink a Cup of warm water. Running on an empty stomach helps to break down fat.

If your goal – to lose weight, it is recommended to run it in the morning, because in the morning the body gets a double load for burning fat.

Morning run – it is a great habit that you can develop and gain huge health benefits.

Jogging in the evenings

Many are simply unable to overcome yourself and get up early in the morning and go Jogging, so they choose a night run. And is there a benefit of running in the evenings?

Evening – a wonderful time for physical exercise and stress.

After work is usually felt fatigue, negative emotions and stress. All this will help to eliminate evening Jogging. They will help clear your mind and cross out all the negative thoughts.

To run on a full stomach is not recommended. The best time for an evening jog – the period before dinner.

Immediately sit down for dinner after a workout is not a good idea to start dinner in about an hour.

Dinner should be light and nutritious.

To run before going to sleep is not desirable. After training and taking a refreshing shower would be difficult to sleep.

Jogging for women

It’s no secret that almost every woman wants to lose weight and look slimmer.

Jogging – a great alternative to the sports hall. The benefit of running for health and weight loss can hardly be overstated.

Through constant training, you can see outcomes in several weeks.

But the main thing in this matter – not to stop, we can’t leave the class.

If you lost the first pounds, they just as easily can go back.

What does it profit the body after constant practice Jogging?

Easily out weight;

Improves metabolism;

Normalizes hormonal balance;

Reduces cellulite and improves skin tone;

The press is becoming stronger;

The buttocks are rounded and lifted.

Useful tips

To the Jogging benefits for your body, does not require much to overload it. There are helpful tips that will suit both novice and experienced runners:

You should not start running at high speed, on the contrary, we should start with low speeds. Running should be calm, and his breathing smooth.

If you are a beginner, no need to run every day, the body needs time to recover. The best would be to go for a jog 2 to 3 times a week.

You need to run on an empty stomach, or not sooner than one hour after the meal.

After exercise it is recommended to drink a glass of room temperature water. Water will restore the water balance in the body.

After Jogging, you must take a shower to wash all the sweat released during running toxins.

The benefits of running are really huge.

It is only important to develop the habit and Jogging constantly, and then the result will not be long in coming.

Due to run, you will gain health, improve physical fitness, rejuvenate your body, become more disciplined and closer one step closer to his dream.

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