Sabre dance or Chinese gymnastics tai Chi Chuan

“All that concerns you. All that concerns me.” Or – almost all

China: “sabre Dance” or all exercises of Taiji!

I do not envy those hooligans who suddenly decided fall upon this Chinese pensioner. He showed us such a fighting master class with a chain that we mouths opened: here’s a pensioner!

Early in the morning – in five hours so that – Chinese pensioners on foot or on bicycles pulled together in parks, gardens or public squares.

Get in line and starts …

Moreover, it happens every day, and even the most persistent winter do not miss this ritual.

I already talked a bit about sports boom covers early in the morning China and Chinese Heihe in particular.

Moreover, morning warm-up on the streets do not only pensioners, but it is the tai Chi is mainly their Forte.

First, doing certain exercises, then – get the swords out of their cases.

Among comrades in arms– the most different categories of the population from former workers to University professors.

And they all share Taijiquan.

Many asked Chinese pensioners why they engaged in this case – all in one voice declare: for health .

And it’s not telling the whole story – Wellness results from activities like gymnastics has long been known.

It has long and successfully used to treat a number of diseases.

Moreover, even in old age.

It also saves with depression and neurosis.

Incidentally, the latter also willing to believe: I get even visually aesthetic pleasure, when you look at these classes on the side – it is just beautiful.

And even if most do – what kind of anxiety and depression?

And now look at Chinese retirees, their movement – look like they are decrepit, the sick and the afflicted?

Actually, all of them – a peaceful people .

And gymnastics, which are too peaceful, though with swords.

And this despite the fact that is a type of martial art of Wu Shu.

By the way, I met another retiree – already a real Pro .

I’m a little rusty (it was back in June ), but, in my opinion, he is not the leader . not that their Deputy head of the local branch of Wu Shu.

That is, not quite the gymnast.

And I don’t envy some hooligans who’d suddenly occurred to him domestica .

In this 2-minute video with footage of him, I am also stuck. A little Moody beginning – apologize, just do not have the possibility to ReWire.

The earliest mention of combat techniques, reminiscent of Taijiquan, Dating back to a period long before our era.

In 50-ies of the last century, during the Cultural revolution in China, the ancestral art of tai Chi Chuan was banned.

Instead, and for the improvement of the nation, – was developed simplified complex health gymnastics, which was affordable to the masses.

Today, interest in the art of tai Chi comes back, his attempt to revive – and, around the world.

Moreover, it continued to explore and thoroughly investigate as “the art of holistic development of man and the disclosure of its amazing potential”.

It has retained its popularity and is the same recreational gymnastics tai Chi.

And even, as you can see, the ranks of her fans only grows.

…I’m also a fan of her.

And quite a while already and was eager to learn the exercises.

But in our city, nothing like this is observed – at least for these elderly . as I.

So while trying to learn by yourself.

And it’s not such a simple task, I tell you.

But how much fun…

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