Running without incident or Secrets treadmills

Strength training

Running without incident or Secrets treadmills

Undoubtedly, run of the house much more comfortable! In the Park we can watch different surprises – unpleasant meeting to a sprained ankle. That’s why good old Jogging in place has always been considered the safest and least traumatic than street Jogging. But running in place is boring. Much more interesting and more efficient to run on a dedicated machine.

Give us treadmills

The first thing sought after treadmills are an excellent way to maintain the beauty and health of the body. If you are in good shape, regular classes easily allow you not to lose it. If you need to lose some excess fat, then a treadmill will be assistant – folds of fat disappear from the body quickly. But this is not the pros and nicer bonuses from running on a moving canvas. While running stress – how overexcited and fatigue. Even produces endorphins (happy hormones), improves mood, and hence the overall performance.

The lessons in this simulator perfectlytrained muscles – calves and thighs, shoulders, press and intercostal. Trains the heart and lungs, the body learns to conserve nutrients.

The main thing is to run correctly!

Recommendations to practice on a treadmill

If run, not observing the rules, you can only harm your health. And because everyone wants the opposite – to strengthen your body, and lose weight if necessary.

How to do on the simulator?

Before classes include a warm-up. Its purpose is the warming up of the muscles and ligaments. After warming up, start running at a slow pace with a gradual acceleration.

Engage only in shoes for running. Workout on the treadmill in socks lead to increased load on the spine and joints of the feet. And you need it?

Stand only on a moving canvas. When you turn on the tracks of the feet should stand upon its borders.

Purchase wrist pulse meter, while running to measure it. Fat burning takes place in the area that can be calculated, if you were at least twenty years. Take the number 220, from which is deducted your actual age. For example, for a person 40 years maximum heart rate would be 180 beats per minute. Is calculated, and the most efficient area – it should be not more than 85% of maximum heart rate, which in this example is 153 beats per minute (and not less than 123). Otherwise, you risk overloading (with more frequent pulse) or low efficiency (when the pulse rate is less than 123 BPM).

The duration of employment shall not be less than 40 minutes. You can increase it to one hour. During this time, consumed from 300 to 700 calories. Less time for a full workout just isn’t enough and the desired results you will see. Note that for weight loss you need to do 40 minutes per workout. This treadmill can be combined with other equipment or loads.

Change the intensity of running after a certain time – diversity contributes to a longer practice.

Exercise three days a week. More should not be, because the body will not have enough time to recover. And fewer training does not contribute to the expected search result.

While running on the track don’t hold on to the handrails – learn to do without them as soon as learn to stay on the belt. Leaning on the handrails we reduce the effect of the run, reducing the load on leg muscles. And not only is the spine acquires an improper position, which can affect the posture.

Headache, injuries to the ligaments, joints, high temperature – in these conditions it is impossible to train.

Contraindications to treadmill the following: low back pain, angina, heart disease, hypertension 3rd degree, bronchial asthma. Despite the fact that you already know how to walk on a treadmill, it makes sense to familiarise yourself with the simulator in the common room. There coach will help you to choose a customized training system, and the very addictive to the simulator will happen easier and faster. After that, if you feel that the track becomes an integral part of your life, can buy it for permanent home use.

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