Problems solved in the process of building stamina.

Problems solved in the process of education endurance

On the age dynamics and opportunities directed development of Endurance. The factors of endurance (1.1) during the life of the individual is changed in a large extent. Some

* More about the special endurance athlete, see the course “Theory of sports 236 Fig. 26. Some of the indicators of aerobic and anaerobic capacities of the organism in the non-athletes of different ages (according to A. P. Skorodumova data of some authors):

MOM is one of the Accepted indices of Maximal anaerobic power while performing test work

Specific ideas about the direction and extent of their changes make it possible to retrieve the actual data shown in the graphs in Fig. 26, 27.

As can be seen from these data, the increased functional capacity of the organism, limiting endurance, is especially significant rate in periods prior to adulthood. By the end of adolescence are determined by the highest values of the relative IPC and the activity rate of oxygen exchange (see Fig. 26). This gives grounds to assume that in this age ripens at least a portion of the functional prerequisites for the manifestation of significant aerobic endurance. It is also noteworthy that the degree of increase of considered indicators of functionality depends on the level of physical activity. This is clearly evident, in particular, when comparing the values of the IPC and oxygen debt in athletes and their peers who do not do sports (see Fig. 27).

The largest absolute value of the IPC, the limiting parameters of oxygen debt and other indicators of functional capabilities that determine the endurance of different types occur in people of Mature age. No accident and the highest achievements in sports that require extreme display of endurance, show at the age of 25-30 years (Fig. 28). After 40 years, gradually, more and more, revealed age-related regression of endurance (in terms of sports


Fig. 27. The maximum parameters of some indices of the functional capabilities of the body, determining endurance, both trained and untrained men and women (according to D. P. Skorodumova data of some authors): M — male, F — female; T — trained, untrained

Achievements and private measures of functional capacity of the organism, limiting its manifestation). The extent of this regression, however, can be significantly reduced under certain conditions, as evidenced by, among other things, a fairly high level of achievement of the athletes, not stopping regular exercise in old age and later years; the fact is also indicated sharp differences in the number of indicators of functionality, limiting endurance, people the same age, regularly engaged and not engaged in physical exercise (see Fig. 26 to 28 and 29). Continuous years of education endurance radically affect the degree and direction of its development throughout life. In certain cases it allows to obtain a remarkable capacity to perform permanent work limit the duration


Activities (table. 8). But such achievements, of course, not an end in itself. During the years of education of stamina seeks to optimize its development as necessary for a full life and stable health is to provide in times of age-related progressive changes in the forms and functions of the body a sufficiently high level of development of General and basic types of specific endurance, possibly longer prevent its regression in General, and when it becomes unavoidable, to minimize its degree.

The tasks of raising General endurance. They are primarily to ensure the development of General aerobic endurance. Although the aerobic capacity of the organism reach the absolute maximum in adulthood, however, conditions for their directional increase can and should be created in physical education since childhood. This is the most important

Fig. 28. Highest sports achievement in running at various distances in men of different ages (according to the official world records and Championships in sulphur Dean of the 80 years of this century)


The prerequisite for improving obsess level of physical serviceability* ness and development specifically, stamina.

As age-related maturation of the organism in the education of General endurance (in the broad sense of the word) increases the value of the integrated effects of all factors. The main objective is to ensure a steady proportionate increase func-

Fig. 29. The dynamics of the achievements in about — SINELNIK opportunities, LIMI-

Short running in trained and guaranteeing the ability to Resist-

Untrained people in various THAT fatigue in a vari-

Age (average speed on the”””.”.” “,,””” “”.,”1___ “.___ I

Long distance available in Rasni, x ” Motor

depending on age) (according To — Coyne activities. The main thing here

the inauguration and U. Kruger): therefore, not selective

/, 2 groups of male; 3, 4 — the Dead — the Impact of the ne Kakie-Or-

^^Terra^s”then°Vannes; Limiting factors of endurance,

And the creation of conditions for higher-performance the overall level of performance in relation to an increasingly wide range of activities associated with the development of endurance. This involves adaptation to diverse kinds of tedious work, presenting comprehensive requirements for motor abilities.

Achieved on the basis of this Basic level of development of General endurance Provides for a mandatory physical education programs. Quantitatively, he reflected, in particular, in the relevant standards of the TRP. The next tasks of raising General endurance are set and solved in increased reliance on individual characteristics and special-

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