Pregnancy is swimming during pregnancy

About the benefits of swimming everyone knows. Used to be a lot of opponents, when compared among themselves swimming and pregnancy, swimming during pregnancy is nowadays considered almost the most payload. Try to understand why the midwives changed my mind.

Why is swimming during pregnancy

Nowadays doctors advise to go swimming almost all pregnant women. Swimming is considered one of the most balanced types of physical activity, and

expectant mothers just use balanced physical activity. In the water a woman’s body is most relaxed. The risk of injury is minimal, and on the muscles is uniform load. In water any load can be easy and not too tiring exercise. This is very important for both mother and child.

The benefits of swimming for the expectant mother

During pregnancy to swim expectant mother is very helpful. All the muscle groups that willbe involved in childbirth, helps develop swimming. It is the muscles of the pelvic floor and pelvis, abdominal muscles, perineum, back muscles. According to experts, those who are constantly engaged in swimming, give birth faster and easier. These women decreases the risk of fractures.

Swimming lessons help you to relax, relieve back pain and lower back pain, varicose veins and edema. Doctors advise to swim even those women who have such a threat, as the termination of pregnancy (but only in some cases) in order to remove hypertonicity.

Swimming contributes to the normalization of the cardiovascular system. This is very important because heart feels heavy loads during an interesting situation. During pregnancy, during the voyage the water pressure has a positive influence on the condition of the blood, increasing its circulation. Also this procedure prepares the respiratory system to childbirth.

During swimming lessons burned a lot of calories that pregnancy is of great importance. Develops in the mother’s endurance, become stronger immunity.

The benefits of swimming for your baby during pregnancy

Experts believe that during the voyage in late pregnancy, the baby is in the uterus position. When a child in the womb is wrong position, doctors often advise pregnant women to swim. In addition, the calm and relaxation of the mother in the water and transmitted to the child.

If you have the ability, swimming is better to start practicing in early pregnancy, because there will be more time to strengthen the body before birth. To make these procedures possible before the onset of labor. Start with 30-40 minutes, gradually bringing the sailing time up to 1.5 hours. If you won’t like swimming, you shouldn’t do it, because you need to swim in pleasure.

When pregnant swimming is contraindicated

Unfortunately, there are contraindications for swimming for pregnant women. Before heading to the pool, be sure to consult with your doctor. In such cases, when there is a threat of interruption of pregnancy, when the experts put such a diagnosis, as placenta previa, when there are abundant of any cause vaginal discharge, swimming is strictly contraindicated! Pregnant women who have a chlorine Allergy, and it is present in the pool will not be able to do this procedure.

So, if you have no pregnancy abnormalities, in which swimming is prohibited, feel free to go to the pool. Swimming pregnant women need special group classes or under the supervision of a coach. This is to ensure that a pregnant woman has always been in mind to avoid any consequences. But before that, be sure to visit your doctor!

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