Lose weight health and body

Running exercise is one of the most accessible sports. Jogging can be almost anything. Running exercise need to be included in your program if you seek to lose weight or just develop the muscular system.

The benefit of running

Running is the cornerstone. Running exercise is recommended for all athletes . but equally important is the fact that this sport is a great cardio. However, this is not all the useful aspects of running. So, what

is the benefit of running to the body:

trains all muscle groups;

together then eliminated from the body of harmful substances;

improves circulation;

running helps fight depression;

running has a positive effect on the Central nervous system and the immune system;

running contributes to the hardening of the body;

Jogging exercises help in maintaining the tone of the entire body;

while running produces endorphins – the hormone of happiness.

Another very interestingfact about cross-country training. Because while running the blood is actively saturated with oxygen, it increases the metabolism, and thus more productively commence functioning brain . It is interesting that while running decreases the hunger and improve intestinal motility. From this we can conclude that a running workout is a great way to lose weight.

Running for weight loss: training program

The first stage is preparation. At this time you need to do for a quarter of an hour daily, and your heart rate during exercise should not exceed 60% of maximum (which is calculated by the formula 220 minus your age). The main task of this stage is to prepare the organism to stress. A month is quite a relative term and is considered to be minimal for untrained people.

The next stage starts with a short break (a few days is enough). Then you need to pass a little test (it will take you 25 minutes). First, you need to escape with a gradual acceleration (but not maximal) with the acceleration pulse to the lower boundary of the so-called target zone (in this case 50% of MCS) — 8 minutes. The next 15 minutes you need to run at the same speed level and the last 3 minutes – Jogging at a slow pace.

The next two months – is the process of adapting to the target area. At this time, change your workouts – you need to spend them every day, and, for example, three times a week. Circuit training – how to the test. At the end of this stage you need to undertake the same test, but the time in an effective heart rate zone needs to be increased to 25 minutes.

Well, the last stage. Obligatory condition of this stage is the ability to stay within a desired range of heart rate 30-35 minutes. The total duration of training will be up to 50 minutes. Such a regime is necessary to adhere to several months and to monitor changes in weight. If you managed to lose weight and the figure better, feel free to continue running exercise .

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