Breathing exercises for pohudeniya

Gymnastics – choose your method of losing weight

Have a slender and slim figure is the dream of every woman. From nature with beautiful appearance possess, unfortunately, units, and the rest of us to accept or periodic increase in weight, or to exhaust yourself various diets and exercises at the gym that takes a lot of time. However, in any case, to lose weight using various physical exercises it is possible and without visiting a gym. In gymnastics, and there are also different versions aimed at specific problem areas. And, of course, at the peak of popularity of different techniques of breathing exercises, the results of which are sometimes very impressive.

Before deciding what type of gymnastics is right for you, you should determine what will be a struggle. You may need to lose a few extra pounds, and maybe tighten the belly, and, on this basis, you can begin improving your body. Continue reading

The truth about protein foods

If people – it is what he eats, who is a vegetarian? How more precisely to describe its essence – man delicate as strawberries, juicy like a tomato, soft as mashed potatoes? In fact, these descriptions are totally untrue, and a living example that contradicts such assumptions – Robert DOS Remedios, vegan, renowned trainer and author of several fitness bestsellers.

At the same time, most people eat animal protein. But we actually become

what we eat. Our skin, bones, hair and nails are composed primarily of protein. In addition, animal protein is the raw material for muscle growth – this process is called protein synthesis, or protein synthesis. That is why the famous rocky drank the egg before the race. Since then, however, scholars working on issues of nutrition, did a great job. Read and observethe results of the work of many people over the past decades. Continue reading

Gymnastics with ankylosing spondylitis in the workplace

From ankylosing spondylitis get rid of you – tips practice

Gymnastics with ankylosing spondylitis in the workplace.

07.06.2012 author Victor Gromakov

Hello, dear friend.

Most people diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis . working in industries or firms. Working day usually lasts 8 hours, and during this time, sedentary work, stiffness of the spine and joints increases.

Yes, I understand, sometimes, like your work or very exciting, and it is impossible to put it down. At this time forget not only about exercise . but about ankylosing spondylitis . and about the pain in the spine and joints. Especially it concerns people working with papers and a computer.

But, if you want to feel good, and want, in the end, to get rid of ankylosing spondylitis . you will need to rebuild themselves, to motivate, to get reminders, whatever, as often as possible, to interrupt and to make some movement.

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