How to walk on a treadmill at home

Many girls and women know that the ideal shape needs to be actively doing sports and eating low-calorie food. This is true, because the body is constantly oversaturated calories, which is an overweight. The first thing to pay attention to cardio training because it is the most effective method of losing weight. For example, training on a treadmill.

This simulator is presented in a large assortment . from very cheap to incredibly expensive. Some women are buying it for home use, but do not know how to do, in order to achieve the best results without the gym. A

treadmill is really great for daily exercise and to maintain yourself in excellent shape. First you will needto pay attention to some rules based on which you learn how to use this simulator.

1. Start a workout on a treadmill with walking . Why is it necessary? So your body is prepared for active work, start all the process, and heart begin to change the heart rate. It is very simple, and you do not require any specific knowledge and skills. First of all, learn leisurely pace to walk 10-15 minutes, this will be enough time for the preparation of the body. Never start your workout with running, because you can harm your health and more good get. Gradually the duration of the workout must increase and after six months of regular training should be at least 30 minutes.

2. Do not drink before class on the treadmill coffee . This drink is invigorating, strengthening the cardiovascular system. The result is that you start training already actively working with the heart and high blood pressure. All this is bad for your health, because everything has to be gradual and measured. The only drink that is appropriate before and during exercise on a treadmill – mineral water without gas. Can add a little lemon juice. Coffee, tea, sugary juices are better to postpone for another time.

3. Learn how to train on the treadmill in the morning . This is a great time for sports, because you Wake up your body and take yourself up. But it is important to remember that you can run only 30 minutes later after you finally woke up. And in this case you should start with walking, and only then proceed to run fast. Many athletes prefer to train specifically in the morning, and reach excellent results. If you constantly invent excuses not to go for a morning run, the simulator will be the ideal solution. Learn to run in the morning is not so easy, because the greatest obstacle in this case is your laziness. Only systematic and willpower will allow you to attain the figure of your dreams.

4. Alternate running on the track walk on it . This is necessary for those occasions when you think that you already can’t run anymore. Don’t stop, just reduce your pace and let your body rest. For example, 5 minutes running and 3 minutes walking distance. So you can exercise longer, and will not experience severe fatigue. Generally it is best to consult with a trainer, so he looked at you in the process of running and gave professional advice. So you will get the excellent result in a short period of time and will not harm your health.

5. Choose a good attire and shoes to practice on the treadmill . What does it do? In the first place in order to prevent damage to the feet. Comfortable quality shoes is a necessity even for home sports. It must be special sneakers that are ideal for your leg. They don’t have anywhere to press, RUB or hanging out on the leg. It would be better if you purchase a professional pair of shoes specifically for running. If we talk about the form of clothing, then it must be something incredibly easy and simple, for example, shorts and a shirt. Be sure to pick up sports bodice that perfectly captures the chest.

6. Don’t eat before a workout on a treadmill . Great to run on an empty stomach. after a few SIPS of clean water. The last meal should be no later than 2 hours before the workout. If you will get on the treadmill right after Breakfast or lunch, you’ll only hurt yourself, do you heavily. In the end you will not receive the nutrients that have been consumed with food, and get fit. Even if you ate a few hours ago, better let it be fruits and vegetables that are valid boiled chicken breast.

7. After a workout, take a contrast shower and apply a body cream . So you will wash away all the sweat and harmful substances that have accumulated on the surface of the skin during a workout and also improve circulation. It is a mandatory procedure for girls and women who want to get rid of cellulite and make skin elastic and rejuvenated. Douches should not be prolonged, most importantly, the maximum temperature difference of water.

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