How to run in the morning

Woman running on beach

Woman running on beach

1. When properly run in the morning: upon awakening or after a while?

In the morning once you awake, the viscosity of your blood is more thicker than at the usual time. Therefore, to begin a morning jog, as soon as you Wake up. It’s bad for the cardiovascular system. So, after waking up definitely will take some time.

Immediately after waking up, ideally, you must drink a glass of warm boiled water and make hygienic procedures, to carry out light exercises for about 5 minutes and drink some drink. It can be tea, weak coffee or cocoa. After all this can start a run. Drunk the liquid necessary for the withdrawal of blood viscosity and your heart will become easier to cope with the stresses of Jogging.

2. How to dress for a morning jog?

If you are a morning jog, get dressed, please, for the weather.

When the street is quite warm (30 degrees) . dress most easily and choose natural fabrics. The best option will vest and shorts (for women topic). Men in the heat you can run without a shirt. There are special sneakers for hot weather (breathable). If you are an avid lover of running, suggest you to purchase them.

When it’s not hot (up to 17 degrees), it is recommended to wear a tracksuit. If things get hot, you can just remove a sweatshirt.

In chilly weather (up to 7 degrees) select to run warm tracksuit and thick sports socks, enough for a light jacket and a hat that covers the ears.

If frosty weather . then choose for winter Jogging tracksuit (windproof, waterproof, small layer of insulation). If desired, you can wear gloves, but be sure to protect from the wind head and ears. On your feet wear winter shoes (high).

3. Morning jog during extreme weather: is it worth it?

In our time, what weather can be called extreme? At morning Jogging on the street the temperature is above 31 degrees and frost below 26 degrees are considered extreme. When a hard frost, it is better to do a morning jog. Of course, the professionals running around with heavy frost, but they’re professionals. Professional runner can after such a stroll in the cold frostbite and become seriously ill.

For a morning run in the heat, you should consider all features of your body. Some runners can tolerate heat quite easily, and some want to sit under the air conditioner. So, if hot enough, reduce the time you spend Jogging twice and always ensure a decent supply of water. On strong the sun be sure to wear a hat.

4. What to bring on a morning jog?

Be sure to bring a water bottle with you, even when it’s chilly outside. If you have cardiac problems, you should purchase a heart rate monitor.

5. How to run in the morning?

Having met, you go outside. Don’t need to break up, you first need to walk slowly with acceleration step. Then stop and do lunges, pulling legs. Next, do some sit-UPS and quick jumps. Reaching forward, touch the toes of the toes, bend the knees. You are now ready to run.

Always start with easy Jogging and gradually accelerate. When running relax shoulders, neck and arms. Running on toes harmful, so step on the full foot. No need to slouch and tilt your body forward. You should feel nice and comfortable.

6. How to breathe when running?

It is necessary to watch constantly for breathing. This is very important! Then you are less tired and saturate oxygen to your body. Inhale through your nose, and exhale through the mouth. Exhale and the inhale should be the same duration. You should never hold your breath!

If you breathe, you can add the loading easy. While running, say tongue twisters aloud. When you realize that the breathing is hard to control, get ready to hit the showers. Turn around and run back. Not far from the house, go to quick step, gradually lowering it.

7. How to run in the morning: the end of a morning run

When you passed on a quiet step, you can stop and do relaxation exercises, relaxing and normalizing breathing. After Jogging make a small charge, and come home and take a shower. Sports clothing should be washed often, preferably daily.

Be sure to eat a light Breakfast, because your body that has given so much energy, it requires a partial refill.

Tips for beginners

If you have a serious illness or excess weight, then before you start Jogging you should consult with your doctor. Start Jogging for 15 minutes a day, sticking to such a pace of 2 weeks, and gradually bring them up to an hour.

Move while running only to meet the transport stream. It is undesirable to run the headphones and the player. Don’t run on asphalt, and try to choose a sand or grass surface for a run in the garden, in the Park or on the waterfront.

And remember that it is important to run correctly, but not for long!

Just one small thing – to start to morning jogs. They give not only great fun but also very helpful and available to everyone.

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