How to lose weight on a treadmill how to run to lose weight

Equipment for sports is increasingly becoming an ordinary piece of furniture of the apartment. This is due to the fact that women are increasingly striving for the preservation of attractive shapes, look after their health. Training on a treadmill help not only to achieve in a short time the ideal forms, the sports equipment is a kind of cardio. Because running stimulates the circulatory system in the body, regulates metabolic processes. In this article we will tell does running lose weight and how to properly distribute the load on all muscle groups.

Choose a treadmill

The store offers two types of treadmills: electrical and mechanical. The difference of them is that in the first case, the movement of a cloth happens automatically, you just need to adjust the load level. The second is achieved through the efforts of the legs. If you do not want in the classroomto get thick calves, choose the second option.

How long should I run to lose weight, determined in each case individually. Modern machines are equipped with multiple functions: from the pulse meter to burned during exercise calories. And also different modes that help to regulate the pace and load. Using a treadmill can not only lose weight but also to get rid of cellulite. How to do it we will tell in the next publication.

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How to jog to lose weight?

Before you start rapid weight loss through running, what should you pay attention?

– Lessons on the treadmill in the morning hours will give the strongest effect. So you get a charge of vivacity and strength for the whole day. The fact is that by the evening of the metabolic processes in the body slows down, we are preparing to sleep.

– Does running lose weight . Yes, if you’ll have your Breakfast no later than an hour before exercise. But in any case not later and not tight. Better if it is porridge, bread or other food rich in carbohydrates. Otherwise transfer load will be extremely difficult and the effect of the run will be unnoticeable.

Experts recommend to drink at least one liter of water. Because during exercise we lose more moisture than usual, it is best to make up for it during practice eating clean, you can mineral water.

– Your weight will not come back to you immediately after completing a set of exercises, to plan eating better through 1-1,5 hours after running on the track.

– Playing sports it is important to have a balanced diet. Excluded from the diet of harmful foods, eat more fruits and vegetables. Not to eat in the evening and just before bedtime.

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How to lose weight on a treadmill?

In order to quickly achieve visible results, firstly, you need to develop persistence and willpower. Get on a treadmill have not less than 4-5 times a week. Second, the exercise should last at least half an hour, with short breaks. Thirdly, run on the track every time it is desirable at the same time.

Get the most from Jogging

Physical exercise give good results only if properly distribute the load and to reconsider your diet. You first need to get rid of bad habits and stop fat calorie food. Then it is necessary to develop the most suitable mode for sports. Beginners can start with a light load and gradually increase it. Be sure to monitor heart rate, because the fat burning process takes place when a certain fluctuation. You also need to perform some simple rules:

– Every sports class begins with a warm-up. Please take 10-15 minutes to warm up the muscles, for this walk on the treadmill. After that you can select the appropriate speed.

In order to acquire the desired shape, it is important to know how to run to lose weight. During the execution of the exercise, watch your posture. Pull your stomach, stretch your chest and shoulders. Hands are straight and move freely to the rhythm of running.

– 10 minutes before the end of classes should gradually slow down the tempo, slowing. This stabilizes the circulatory system and help to avoid muscle pain, especially in the first class.

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How much training is enough for weight loss?

To answer the question, how to lose weight on a treadmill for a few classes, it is difficult. In each case, whereas the weight, nutrition and metabolism of each person. But expect quick results in any case it is not, you need to regularly perform simple exercises on the run. Someone to achieve the ideal form you will need just a month, and someone nearly half a year. If you can relax and begin to miss classes for sports, weight tends to gradually return to form, and become less elastic. We note only that in one exercise burned about 650 Calories. That’s about average for people of any weight and age. We only give advice that you should not forget about the simulator and if you fail for the first month to make the weight up to the required mark to quit sports. Running on the track will help you not only in the fight against excess weight but also improve health through the regulation of metabolic processes, stabilization of blood pressure. Sleep will be quiet and will be flushed.

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