How to lose weight doing a run

Run training: how to start and do not quit Jogging

Running for weight loss. Jog with pleasure

Runners with experience call them “snowdrops”, No, it’s not cute blue flowers that prohibits a Red Book. That girls, women, and sometimes men, who decided to get in shape for summer with the help of running. They appear in parks and embankments, as soon as the snow melts, enthusiastically run for two weeks, battling with shortness of breath and pain in the muscles, and then disappear.

Where to run in the Park or fitness club?

And, by the way, in vain. After all, regular Jogging is one of the best remedies for burning calories, strengthening muscles and the cardiovascular system. Jogging in a nearby Park can help you save money on a subscription to a fitness club, and free time you will have more because in order to practice, will not need to stand in traffic jams and travel across town to the gym.

And let the ladies assert that the fitness club more any there running in the Park. Actually longbeen proven that physical exercise in the fresh air is much more effective for weight loss. Why? You get more oxygen, which, as is known, the main gas combustion, including combustion hated fat.

On the benefits of running

Some girls think that running helps to get rid of only fat deposits on the hips. Actually it is not.

Lose body fat in the entire body, if it consumes less calories than you spend. This simple equation is the basis of all available weight loss programs. While running allows you to burn 500 to 900 calories per hour. More you spend only fans of kickboxing, it focuses on punches on the heavy bag, and those who can continuously jump rope for more than 30 minutes.

Running is a “developer” which allows you to show the world what lies behind shapeless fat deposits. So workout in the fresh air with little or no investment can become the basis weight loss program.

In addition to burning fat and strengthening the heart muscle you will receive all the bonuses of being in the fresh air sunlight, as it is known, promotes the production of endorphins – hormones of joy, so, running on the street, you will feel a modicum happier than those who are engaged on simulators. And, tell me honestly, how long have you just walked? And here is a unique chance to combine a walk and fitness classes.

Go running and do not surrender!

All this sounds like another advertisement is for a person who begins to choke on a run and suffer muscle cramps. The sensation of muscular discomfort and fatigue – the most common reason why people throw workout.

How to avoid fatigue and discomfort? We should switch to running gradually, then your body will have time to Mature enough for a 20-30 minute jog, and so much need to run at least to effectively burn fat, not be associated with torture.

First of all forget the vicious practice “went outside and ran for it”. Believe me: the fact that you walk a couple blocks in sportswear to the Park or Park – the small matter compared with what can easily get injured, starting to run on cold muscles.

The first 5-10 minutes of exercise is always go. Until you will reach the Park, where it will run, your muscles will have time to Wake up. But this does not mean that you can immediately start skipping. To protect yourself from injury, pull muscles, first run.

Warm-up stretching runner

Deep lunge stretches your thighs. Stand up straight, hands on hips, step left foot back so that, down into the lunge, you are sure not to bend the working knee at a sharp angle. Left knee down to the ground, feeling the stretching of the thighs. Hold this position for 30 seconds, change legs.

Stretching face down (“dog face down). Lean hands on the ground, proselyte ahead, give your body a V –shape, do not slouch and do not arch your back, reach buttocks up, heels to the ground. Hold this pose for 30 seconds.

Stretching ballerina. Stand on your right foot, pelvis, pull, grab the left lower leg arm body tilt forward leg lift up, stretch the thigh of the left leg, while stretching forward his right hand to stabilize. Hold for 30 seconds, adjust the leg.

After stretch marks made, can start training.

Plan Jogging for beginners

This plan is for five weeks. Gradually increasing exercises will help you adapt to the run and stop panting. In our complex “training run” is simple and strength training, which can also be done outdoors. It will help to strengthen the muscles that work while running as well as tighten the buttocks, tummy and hips. Running in conjunction with a small power system is able to solve the problem of excess weight and the problem of disproportionate figures.

Have run. Week 1

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