How to do yoga

No need to go to the Himalayas: 2 instructors tell you how to practice yoga


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The summer is very neat, but still selected for us, and with it in parks and gardens begin to take collective yoga in the fresh air under the

guidance of professional coaches.

Ever tried to go into meditation to the sound of rain in Muzeon Park or to feel a little more in the West in the European Park of the capital’s Gorky Park ?

However, in the summer everywhere is easy to breathe deeply, especially if you are breathing correctly, using belly, childish and teachesyoga. In General, if you have long wanted to try this Eastern practice, but still did not dare for some reason, two of our yoga guru: master trainer yoga fitness Svetlana Tcherezov and instructor of gymnastics yoga Nikita Keating, has already taken a liking to green lawns in search of harmony with the world – will help you to take the plunge. The most interesting and important about yoga they told us and you.

Whether you want to combine yoga with strength training?

S. C.: “the Answer is Yes! Strenuous exercise creates a compression effect in the body, while yoga exercises is to stretch. All exercises must be performed slowly, trying to stay in each position for a minute, and through proper breathing (deep breath slow and prolonged expiration) optionally stretching the muscles and tendons”.

N. K.: “there are no contraindications. Competent approach can provide excellent compensation for the GYM or Vice versa. Yoga can remove the excess skin tone and to increase the length of muscle fibers. Hall and power load can give a yoga practitioner is not always enough drive.

Is it possible to do yoga without philosophical “reinforcements”?

S. C.: “Of Course. In the yoga exercises we use only basic asanas to get rid of joint diseases, improve posture, simulate the shape and just improve the flexibility and static endurance, and philosophy here at anything”.

N. K.: “”If yoga can’t do – it is better not to engage,” said one well-known Kyiv master of Hatha yoga. The initial stages of classical yoga involve cleansing the body, cleansing of thinking (for example, tracking negative thought patterns), but certainly not recommend dealing to go somewhere too high. This requires preparation. Tradition (classical) yoga is good because it has a background of more than a dozen generations of practitioners, the mistakes and the successes which we can rely. Yoga requires individuality and conform to the rules at the same time. This may be the most important thing”.

The lower stop is the Chaturanga Dandasana

In what time is best to do yoga?

S. C.: “If your goal is to improve flexibility, it is most effectively to do it in the morning. After sleep, when the mind is still calm: it will be much easier to concentrate on proper exercises and a good warm up your muscles and tendons. Plus morning stretching invigorates and energizes the whole day.

If in the mornings you are in a hurry to practice yoga and in the evening – proper exercise will help you relax after work and will provide a healthy sleep”.

The warrior pose – Virabhadrasana

N. K.: “At the initial stage you need to give your body and mind to fall in love classes. And here it is necessary to individually determine your time. The difference between early morning, morning, day and evening practices will be striking. It is important to start.

A special effect can get almost everyone involved in the period from 3.30 to 7.30 in the morning.”

Whether practicing yoga, becoming a vegan?

S. C.: “This issue is better left to the sole discretion of each. But the fact remains: when a person begins to practice yoga, he unconsciously begins to eat lighter products, primarily because overeating burdens the body and makes breathing difficult.

From myself I will add: if you are not able to control your diet and appetite, then just start at least a few times a week to practice yoga. Soon you will be surprised at how dramatically will change your taste preferences”.

N. K.: “Desirable simply become attentive to your body and to seek creative individual nutritional models. Vegetarianism and especially veganism can either help or hinder your progress. All in good time. The vegan approach, for example, generally contrary to traditional yoga in which the use of milk and honey is a necessary condition of harmonious practice.

It more difficult for men to do yoga? Is it true that they are less flexible?

S. C.: “Despite the fact that the original yoga is a male practice, most of them representatives of the stronger sex really is less gutta-percha. If one is born flexible, it should develop strength through the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa (this is a kind of Hatha yoga – the doctrine of physical harmony. – Approx. ed.)”.

Pose the Dog’s muzzle up

N. K.: “a Much larger role is played by natural Constitution, Prakriti person, rather than his gender. Gender models that might interfere. For example, “I’m a boy, so you don’t try to do the splits” or “I am a girl, I would never stand up.” Try it, try it more often – will succeed”.

Pose downward-facing Dog

How yoga works when you’re not on the fresh edge of the mountain, and laid the Mat in the hall or at home? Whether you want to practice yoga to go to India?

S. C.: “On the edge, of course, better, because the contemplation of nature soothes and relaxes around, adjusting to the correct rhythms.

However, the “natural” effect can easily be achieved at home, choosing to practice a comfortable place: dim the lights, turn on soft music, spread out a Mat and …”

N. K.: “Everything is very individual. In India it is better not to hurry and try to radically different forms of yoga and begin a little to understand. This will help to find the most organic practice is for you and will save you from possible mistakes. I recommend to rely on the development of well-established schools. Most of them have become rather brands, but it is not bad. The effect on the masses and the crowd helps to engage in the first stage. If you will be doing regularly, sooner or later, the greatest pleasure will start to get in a quiet place. Until this effect you can experiment as much as you want”.

How often should I practice yoga: how many times a week and for how long should last the session?

C. C.: “you Can not restrict the time and do at least every day. And, of course, possible. The main thing is to cultivate the habit of regular exercise (flexibility we need to support at least twice a week) – only in this case yoga, for that matter, any other exercises that will give the desired result.

In the beginning, it helps to learn how to perform some basic exercises and do two or three minutes. Then, bringing them to perfection, to begin development of new, and thereby increasing the time of training.”

Cobra Pose

N. K.: “For starters, you can get on a schedule of two or three regular(!) classes per week. Then everything will depend on many factors. You might decide to stay in the same mode, you may need to do every day.”

What asanas, in your opinion, is the most important? And what are the five exercises you can recommend to keep yourself in good shape?

S. H: “When performing any exercise it is important to remember that to keep stretching requires 10 seconds, gradually increasing the time to the minute. If stretching causes pain or a feeling of spasm of the muscles – immediately stop exercising, they can return some time later, but in smaller amounts.

Don’t forget to follow the rhythm of breathing: as close as possible to natural, exhaling at the moment of tilt. If breathing quickened, began to lose the rhythm, you need to take a short break to restore respiration”.

N. K.: “On the first stages of the huge role played by classical balance asanas elements and twists. This allows you to “turn on” the body and start the detox. Would be nice to make strong hands – you will feel more control.

Pose downward-facing Dog

Complex Surya Namaskar allows you to give a complete treatment of the body. Also I would recommend to introduce in practice the simplest Kriya cleansing procedures.

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