How to choose running shoes and clothes for running.

The dressing room: How to choose running shoes and clothes for running

I think you know that very soon we would face the ultimate test of autumn – a race Run Moscow on 10 km, which should be ready in all respects. It is time to seriously think about choosing running shoes and the right clothes for running.

What kinds of models of sneakers, how they differ, how to choose them and what to pay attention, we told the specialist Jogging sneakers and Nike coach of the Running club, Nike+ Gorky Park .

There are three main model lines Nike running shoes. They differ in their tasks:

qualitative depreciation of the foot (line NEUTRAL, model: Air Max Pegasus, Vomero Zoom Elite)

quality cushioning + support (line STABLE for those who have problems with pronation, model: Lunar Glide, Lunar Eclipse, Structure)

line Barefoot for a new direction in the race – running “barefoot”, which develops and strengthens the muscles of the foot and toes (models Free 3.0, Free Run)

One of the most popular models of running shoes this season – Nike Lunar Glide + . They were created based on the technology of dynamic support (dynamic support). The soles of sneakers in this series consists of material of different density, which provides soft cushioning and reliable support of the foot. Also the fourth generation of Nike Lunar Glide+ includes all the latest updated technology Nike Flywire (light and durable yarns, netting his support and strength) and super-thin and durable material that made the shoes lighter than previous models.

Also in this season popular model of Nike Pegasus . Cushlon foam, which made them the sole, creates a feeling of mild cushioning. External protection heel gives a comfortable fit, and an embossed footbed follows the shape of the foot for a customized fit and tangible support. Insert a Nike Zoom unit in the heel – for fast and resilient cushioning.

And to strengthen the muscles of feet and legs, you can choose running shoes the Barefoot line, for example, the model Nike Free 3.0 . The innovative structure of the sole is formed of separate squares, separated from each other. Such an unusual shape can easily bend almost in all directions, which makes the shoes very comfortable. When training the sensation of running almost barefoot.

Now that you know which models of running shoes exist, you will be able to decide what to choose. But pay attention to some practical advice from our experts:

Before buying shoes, you need to consult a podiatrist. If you found problems with pronation, be sure to choose running shoes with regard to this point. It will provide your feet with maximum comfort and prevent possible problems.

When choosing the sneakers you need to consider your weight, and at what distance you plan to run and where. Beginners should start with Jogging on the ground or the track stadium. They have the best shock absorbing properties.

It is also important that running shoes were light, comfortable, and preferably with laces (no Velcro or other fasteners). Note on the bottom: it needs to be fixed, rigid heel, as it will account for the main load during the run.

Another tip – come to the store to choose evening sneakers. Since this is the time to feet gushing blood, and they can increase by a third or half the size. Before buying be sure to lace up and a little walk.

Well, it’s about how to look better on the race and at all while Jogging, will tell the editor of the fashion magazine Yes! – Katya Klimova .

During the race, first and foremost, you need to think about how to cover the distance. And for this you should be convenient and comfortable. This is great when technologically sophisticated sports clothes are still beautiful.:) Personally I like to run in shorts and a jacket with long sleeve in the N – all materials breathe, and not feel that you’re running across the Sahara desert. For those who do not like to bother, offer monochrome set I, where the eternally fashionable grey complemented with neon accents, and a windbreaker ready otsvetit any light, if you run in the dark. The set K is suitable for the hardy young ladies, and a set of E – for those long runs and can boast of their figure by wearing tight leggings and a short top.:)

We hope we helped you on such a serious matter as the choice of running shoes and sports apparel. Now it’s up to you – show that you are capable of 16 September at the Luzhniki stadium on the race Run Moscow. To become a member of the team YES. Hurry! 200 first sent will receive race t-shirts with the logo of the magazine. Good luck. )

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