How to choose a home trainer

I try to go to a fitness club every day, but, because of work, personal life, urgent matters and other obstacles, I have it does not always work. So I wonder: maybe I should buy a home trainer? And to do without thinking about exactly how long I’ll be able to get to the fitness club, what you drive, how much time I will get home, and most importantly – will have enough will power to just pack up and go to do somewhere from home.

And then the problems begin: in the health club a lot of simulators. And I need one! Universal. In order to understand how to choose the simulator for home, I asked a few questions of your Personal trainer “Fitness center 100%” Eugene Charles .

How to determine what exercise you need to keep at home?

It all dependson what type of trainer you need. There is a cardio and weight.

Cardio equipment – treadmills, Steppers, stationary bikes and elliptical trainers, is more suitable for those who want to lose weight and strengthen the heart. And free weights . which combine several types of power loads for the various muscles of our body, designed to work the muscles, and thus help to correct the shape, to give form to the body.

The trainer usually takes a lot of space. Are there any instructions about where it is better to put?

Of course. To put the simulator in the hallway, pushed him into a corner or to engage in the pantry – do it by any means impossible. If you buy a simulator, remember that you, at least, should not in the eyes of the light of the sun. And yet – it is necessary that the room in which is the machine on which you are doing it well ventilated, so that was a constant flow of air.

Are there any risks associated with the selection of home gyms?

Yes, if you select home gyms need to weigh their strength, health. For example, if you have problems with my back and joints, and you decided to buy a treadmill – you know that you can only walk. And it is better to buy a stepper or a stationary Bicycle and do not in hammer mode.

Furthermore, people who buy a home trainer should remember that if he wants to achieve some goal, for the effectiveness of study, for example, when losing weight, you need to engage regularly and exclusively to combine classes with proper nutrition. Otherwise, it is the availability of the simulator at home, life is little changed. So if you’re ready to buy a home trainer, get ready for what lifestyle will also have to change.

As for simulators for the correction – which ones are most effective?

Home multistyle for correction include a minimum set of exercises on the muscles of the arms, legs, back, chest. But full training will not work – they are designed for small targets.

Therefore, if you have more meaningful than a small correction will have to find a place under equipment home gym.

But if you install the rack with a barbell, the range of possibilities in terms of exercises performed strongly enough will be expanded to examining the types of strength exercises with a barbell or dumbbells in the hands, legs, back and chest, you can perform them at home. But the post still implies that the man who buys her home already knows how to do the exercises with free weights. If he can not – will have to be satisfied with the trainer.

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