How to breathe while running?

When searching for an answer to the question “how to breathe correctly while running” face multiple options, sometimes conflicting. Is there a single right way of breathing that meets all the requirements?

Note for a start that breathing while running is not an arbitrary function. His task is to cover the body’s need for oxygen. It is logical to assume that this demand depends on both the pace and the distance that must be overcome.

The overall average respiration rate observed in runners overcoming long distances at a high rate of 45 breaths per minute. The velocity of the displacement is 180 steps per minute, and the rhythm of breathing is supported in a proportion of 2 steps inhale, 2 on the exhale.

Easy running for recovery does not involve intensive training loads and high rate of movement. Depending on comfortable speed the rhythm of the stepsmay vary within wide limits. It is but natural respiration rate in the rhythm 3-4 step on the breath, and, accordingly, the same on the exhale.

The following paragraph, the opinions which often do not match – how to inhale and exhale through the nose or mouth?

Breathing through the nose – of course, and it should always seek. The nose warms and cleans the air that enters the respiratory tract.

Under high load breathing only through the nose difficult to implement, but Jogging these loads does not imply. So all you need constant self-control, which produces the desired habit after a few weeks.

The abundance of techniques of breathing allows you to choose empirically the one that suits you. Various – breathing through your mouth, breathing through the nose, combined breathing alternately through the nose and mouth.

It is worth considering whether and under what ambient temperatures are training. Breathing through the nose at negative temperatures contributes to warming the air, reducing the likelihood of hypothermia respiratory tract and diseases of cold. In the summer of nasal breathing reduces the amount of ingested allergens and dust.

Synchronizing breathing with the rhythm of the steps seems to be the best choice. Breath during quiet running can be produced through the nose, exhale to carry out through the mouth.

It may seem strange, but the main element of breath – not a deep breath, and the most complete exhalation. This enables the lower part of the abdomen and the diaphragm, which at first will be to acquire new skills. After a full exhalation, reflex, without effort is a natural breath.

Unlike the chest, shallow breathing, leading to shortness of breath and premature fatigue, breathing with his stomach bodies provides a constant supply of oxygen.

The answer to the question how to breathe correctly while running . comes with practical experience, take into account the peculiarities of the runner’s body. The rate of movement and the rhythm of breathing, favourite, one runner, may be totally unacceptable for another.

Find the rhythm of your breathing can starting training with energetic walk. smoothly into the slow running. Over time, you will be able to easily, automatically support this mode, which will allow with each subsequent workout to improve your results, closer to your intended goal.

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