How and when to take a contrast shower

Contrast showers — rejuvenation and health.

As you know, the skin is the largest organ of the body. Taking a cold shower – you train the whole body, while receiving pleasure. Douches are well-invigorates, improves blood circulation and metabolism. And very importantly, increases the immune system. Contrast showers — a kind of hardening of the body. Hardening is the strengthening of health, proven by our ancestors. It improves the functioning of the whole organism, is a common condition that develops resistance to disease activity and active man, of course rejuvenates the skin, helps to combat cellulite and prevention against stretch marks .

How to take a contrast shower.

You should start with hot water at the perfect temperature. Enjoy the flow of water in about one minute (you can start with 15 seconds, then turn on the cold water. The time spent in cold water should be slightly less than under hot. You mustbe nice to be under water without any discomfort. First watering feet and climb gradually up to give a warning signal to the brain about the cold water, but do not stay long in one area of the body. And so a few times alternate. Full time in the shower should not exceed 15 minutes.


hot water relaxes the muscles and opens the pores,

cold water on the contrary reduces muscle out toxins, and closes the pores.

And Yes, do not start immediately with a sharp temperature gradually let the body to get used to this process. Start with comfortable temperatures, and as the addiction and body workout, increase the temperature and residence time. But you should understand that the cool water will not give the same effect as the cold. Douches is that the body consisted of the protective mechanisms when a sudden change in temperature. So once you get used to the cool water, continue to cold or even icy. Because cool water can only cool the body, so it is possible to catch a cold, and a short sharp pouring cold water will not have time to take a lot of heat, and protection mechanisms work. Just do not forget that the head should not be wet, train only the body, not to have the opposite effect. If you are going to connect more and your head, this could entail a weakening of the immune system. But contrasting face wash will make the skin supple, giving it a freshness and remove the “bags” under the eyes.

When to take a contrast shower.

To was the effect of contrast showers, should be performed daily on a regular basis, but do not forget at least once a week to take a bath. To do twice a day (morning and evening), but it’s up to you. In the morning it will help you to Wake up, cheer and give strength for the day, but it should be noted that in the morning your heart fully “wakes up” somewhere in two hours. Tonight will wash away the fatigue and help to relax after a hard day. Should take an hour or two before bedtime, softer way, that is not hot, but warm, not cold, but cool. Before I go to sleep so you can determine for yourself, someone falls asleep after a shower at once, and someone on the contrary can’t sleep. A contrast shower is a good fit after workouts and physical strain. At this point your body is well warmed up, which will increase the positive impact of this soul.

Do not take a contrast shower in diseases of inflammatory processes and “women’s day”, in diseases of the cardiovascular system and blood vessels.

Water is the source of life, so do not neglect this opportunity of rejuvenation, maintain and improve the immune system and your General condition. As the saying goes “a healthy body — a healthy mind”, and what you wish for.

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