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Hello everyone, I’m 26 years old. At the age of 17 began to engage in sports SAMBO that lasted 1.5 years and after 2 years my house has become a school of street Boxing Nicholas VDV, which I still remember with a warm heart (if interested

After surgery on the thyroid gland, which a few years put an end to the practice in the sport. Study-work, career. Eventually with growth 171 cm, I weighed 115 kg. Realizing that then have nowhere to fall and time to take

for myself, I got my first goal was to lose weight.

Today my weight is 91 kg (lost 24 lbs.) somewhere for six months. This is certainly a very weak result (I know people who for six monthshas dropped by 50 kg.), but the data is 24 kg I dropped exclusively on a diet without regular exercise, as it excluded the possibility of practising sports (I am a lawyer by the law, sometimes from the court of arbitration I left at 22:00, 23:00 arrived home, shower food and it is time to go to bed).

After some time, began to add work with iron and swimming in the pool (learn to swim last year with a coach, it did not know how).

By my standards, to the state press cubes, I have to lose 11 kg (up to 80 kg, because I remember myself at the peak of the sports form in this weight). But just to lose weight I am not interested, I want to go back in a combat sport.

I love BJJ, I really want them to do, but at the same time I understand that I need practical application on the street that BJJ is no different. So I’m going to do BJJ for fun and Thai Boxing for practical use on the street.

The training schedule is planned as follows:

Monday – Thai Boxing.

Tuesday – BJJ.

Wednesday – Thai Boxing.

Thursday – BJJ.

Friday – Thai Boxing.

Saturday – BJJ.

Sunday – swimming for fun.

Training in BJJ is quite late (beginning at 21:30), but close to my work (5 minutes walk), so I can stay at work until that hour, thereby career will not suffer from the sport.

I hope I don’t die with this schedule and will not merge.

Added after 8 minutes

I’ll tell you how I lost weight, perhaps someone it will be interesting. Anyway why I gained this weight? The reason for this operation, during which I completely removed the thyroid gland. And this iron is responsible for a number of hormones that determine one’s metabolism, consequently my metabolism was significantly slowed down, which led to weight gain.

I have a lifetime to sit on the hormones T4 (which is synthesized in the body into the hormone T3, which secretes the thyroid gland), in order to somehow compensate for what would distinguish a real thyroid. However, it is possible to take directly the hormone T3 in pill, if not for one thing – it is banned in Russia for sale. Accordingly, I bought it secretly through providers that are carrying it illegally from Germany. So my first step was taking a horse dose of T3 to speed up metabolism.

In fact, in the world of bodybuilding reception T3 + clenbuterol is the most efficient binder for weight loss, but use it only the most repulsed, who care about their health. Why is it so? Yes because taking T3 healthy man kills his own thyroid (taking T3 in pill reduces the activity of the thyroid gland have for a lifetime, so that after some time the person will then have to take their whole life, like me). However, my thyroid gland is not physically, so I have nothing to lose, and the reception of T3 for me, even useful.

With T3 understandable, but what is clenbuterol? Copy is a drug that STIMULATES the “good” BETA-adrenergic receptors, directly accelerating fat loss in tissues. Buy it a little more complicated than “yohimbine”, but not as hard as “ephedrine”. This drug is actively used in modern medicine for the treatment of asthma, so widely represented in the pharmacy network. Most often it will ask you for the recipe. In the process of action on BETA receptors, clenbuterol enhances the secretion of adrenaline and nor-adrenaline, which further accelerates fat burning. Additionally, clenbuterol enhances the secretion of thyroid hormones (this speeds up the rate of metabolism and blocks fat deposition. Add to this the fact that clenbuterol pronounced anti-catabolic formula, i.e., prevents breakdown of muscles during “hungry diet”. DOSE: men 100-140 mcg per day for 2-

Further, the diet – it’s simple, little but often, a little carbs, lots of proteins.

7:30 – omelette with mushrooms + spoon of Flaxseed oil + 3 scoops of fish oil from salmon.

11:00 – whey protein isolate 30 grams.

13:00 – buckwheat + chicken breast + 3 capsules of omega-3.

16:00 – whey protein isolate 30 grams.

19:00 – chicken breast.

22:00 – protein casein.

Additional vitamins and minerals:

1. Animal Pack

(very expensive vitamins, now abandoned them in favor of cheaper).

2. TwinLab Calcium –

3. Fish oil UNIC-omega 3 –

(it is very important to take fish oil from salmon or other red fish), as they are the most useful. Cheap pharmacy fish oil from cod liver can not be taken).

4. Garlic extract tablets – began to take after reading the book by Tim Ferris. It is believed that at night the ingestion of garlic increases the production of growth hormone. I don’t know how verified this opinion).

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Healthy organism
Hello everyone, I'm 26 years old. At the age of 17 began to engage in sports SAMBO that lasted 1.5 years and after 2 years my house has become a…

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