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How effective fitness training?

Although any physical activity is better than inactivity, various kinds of fitness workouts have different efficiency. Importantly, however, perhaps not even the style of classes and the intensity of physical exercise on the body.

Perhaps someone believes is sufficient load to peruse in the fitness room a couple of fashion magazines, sitting on the exercise bike. However, if

after a workout makeover girl remains in excellent condition, hardly load was sufficient. However, a fresh face not only a sign of low efficiency classes.

Heart rate

Heart rate, or pulse rate, as it is often called, during intense workouts should range from 75% to 100% of the individual maximum. To determine the valid boundary of a heart rate, a healthy person needs to take the value of age from the numbers 220.

Heart rate conveniently to monitor cardiac monitor, which quickly indicates status of load on the heart in real time. If the monitor is not, the frequencyshould periodically measure ‘fashioned way” when she felt the pulse at the wrist.

Some people mistakenly believe the sole indicator of load pot. But sweating can be an individual feature of the body, while the heart rate best reflects the workload of the heart.


A walk in the Park with a friend is a good way to pass the time. But if the purpose of walking or Jogging to lose weight, the body should be a good load. Under load, honestly, talking is not drawn. To exchange a word or two is acceptable, but if the training does not interfere with the discussion of the latest trends in fashion or political events, its intensity is clearly insufficient.

Muscle pain

A good way to test the intensity of training in the gym — wait a day and listen to the health. Stress causes microscopic damage to the muscles that reveal themselves after some time characterized by mild pain. There is nothing terrible, on the contrary, the lack of pain a lack of load.

The intensity and variety of exercises

Our body adapts perfectly to the load, resulting in over time, the effectiveness of the same training is reduced. To keep it unchanged, it is necessary to increase the intensity of training. For example, to increase the number of repetitions or increase the speed of the exercises.

“Looping” on the same set of exercises can lead to disproportionate development of muscles. The runner will not hinder weight training from time to time, as well as Jogging the weightlifter.


Fitness training should bring visible results. This does not mean that you need to quit, if after a week you see no changes. But with proper technique classes and healthy eating physical changes, whether weight reduction or waist circumference, in a few months will surely come. Perhaps progress will not be as noticeable than I would like, but nevertheless, it will be. Otherwise, you should rethink your fitness program.

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