Gymnastics with ankylosing spondylitis in the workplace

From ankylosing spondylitis get rid of you – tips practice

Gymnastics with ankylosing spondylitis in the workplace.

07.06.2012 author Victor Gromakov

Hello, dear friend.

Most people diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis . working in industries or firms. Working day usually lasts 8 hours, and during this time, sedentary work, stiffness of the spine and joints increases.

Yes, I understand, sometimes, like your work or very exciting, and it is impossible to put it down. At this time forget not only about exercise . but about ankylosing spondylitis . and about the pain in the spine and joints. Especially it concerns people working with papers and a computer.

But, if you want to feel good, and want, in the end, to get rid of ankylosing spondylitis . you will need to rebuild themselves, to motivate, to get reminders, whatever, as often as possible, to interrupt and to make some movement.

At work you can always find a reason to get up and step away from the computer for 10 minutes. Walk you to the bathroom or get a drink of water, or some sort of documents or materials to other employees. So use these opportunities to their advantage.

Who danced ever, or dancing, can perform the dance moves all parts of the body. Spin and hips, and shoulders, and his head and neck, and hands, and feet. Vypyachivaete chest and then do the back round. Offset torso relative to the hips. All this can be done even while sitting.

Be sure to flatten the shoulders and pull them. Pull the spine. Can help yourself in this hands. Try to hold a straight posture, even for a few seconds. Strain, pull and bend the arms and legs. Raise your knees to your stomach. Rotate the body about the axis and so on.

Flight of fancy is unlimited. It is necessary only not to forget to do it permanently. At least 5 minutes every hour. Better at 10 minutes. The flow of blood to the sore spot and joints will be stronger and you will feel much better than being without movement for a long time.

Next. You need it for your health. Only you. Here and show love to yourself, periodically giving the load on the muscles and joints. Your health is more important than oblique views and opinions of others. Because ankylosing spondylitis from you and not from them. If there will be claims from the authorities, try to explain the essence of the matter.

With ankylosing spondylitis, the joints may be swollen and ache from the fact that they take a long time uncomfortable, unusual position, and the muscles and the joints at this time is poorly supplied with blood. Please note, tense your shoulders and arms in the elbow joints when you sit at the table or not.

If they are tight, they change position. Try to keep your elbows were on the table, and rely on them as little as possible. They must be loose. If hard sore elbow put him under something soft. It will be easier. Shoulders will also be easier, if not all the time to keep your hands on the weight.

Try. Observe yourself. Listen to yourself. And you will understand what I’m doing wrong, and start looking for a solution. Experiment. Try some drills today. If you do not like, tomorrow try others. But, constantly proceed and you will find, what you like and not annoying.

For example, I still regularly do workout, without departing from the machines. I have it already became a habit, and I sometimes make it automatically. I always pull the spine (I like it more and more), doing circular movements of the shoulders and hips.

When you have a few spare seconds, I’m doing the head tilt in different directions and rotation too. I also like to rise on tiptoes and stretch the back of your head to the ceiling, straining the whole body. Very cool, gentle breeze in the spine . and liberate energy channels. I feel great.

You can always find a acceptable option, you not only help to reduce or remove the constraint, but also improve the mood, give energy and confidence on the way to get rid of ankylosing spondylitis . And the quality of your life will change for the better. If you act.

Good Luck To You.

All The Best.

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