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As you know, at the moment there are many different simulators. But not everyone understands what it means cardio exercise equipment, cardio workout. This article relates to what is a cardio workout, the cardio equipment, and what health benefits they bring.

What do you mean cardio?

Cardio – from the Greek. kardia – heart. Cardio-fitness equipment – exercise equipment, providing the control of human heart functions during exercise.

This is very useful not only for the rehabilitation of older people, but for people not suffering from heart disease, so as overload during exercise much harm to our body.

Mode of cardio may be, and treadmills,and exercise bikes, as well as the Steppers, rowing and elliptical machines. That is, the control of heart rhythm is important for all types of workouts.

Cardio exercise equipment – exercise machines that controls Your body during training by analyzing heart rate, reading the frequency of Your heart rate. But all in order.

Cardio sensors

The simplest performance – heart rate monitors on the handles of the machine. They take a pulse with Your palms.

I must say that this information is not quite accurate, since the signal coming from the palms of the hands are not very strong, moreover, during exercise You are on the move and contact with the sensor unstable.

The following method of reading the pulse ear clip. This is a very efficient heart rate monitor, as it avoids the disadvantages of the internal sensor, but the clip is not very popular, because of the unusual method of fastening. An example is the treadmill Winner Sigma .

The ultimate evolution of heart rate monitors – system sensors Polar. Created on the basis of telemetry (wireless), principle of operation, the device consists of two parts: a chest strap transmitter and a watch receiver.

Belt relieves heart rate accuracy ECG apparatus and transmits to a watch which decrypts it and retain for further analysis. There are models of exercise equipment, computers which can remove the information from his belt. The greatest success achieved in this Finnish firm Tunturi. for example, treadmill T-80F. the Tunturi exercise bike 330 F or ellipsoid Tunturi C4.

Cardio program

As you know, in most simulators laid predefined training programs: manual, cross, running to the mountain, heating, climbing rocks, etc.

But the mere existence of the simulator heart rate monitor and data lines of the pulse on the screen of his computer still does not give him the right to be called cardio trainer. Of course, you can organize cardio workout, continuously monitoring the level of the pulse, looking at the monitor, or even without a trainer, but it’s not comfortable, and not so effectively.

Cardio machines are those units whose computers laid cardio-specific training program. Computer, getting Your heart rate with a sensor that adjusts the load on the pedals the bike, the speed and incline of the tracks, the force on the pedals and levers other types of simulators.

In addition, more importantly, the computer of this simulator varies the range and duration of different types of loads that are part of your current workout, depending on how they affect your heart.

For example, if a cross-jog on the track is burdensome for You, the trainer gently driving her to jog, and Vice versa, if You set the program of warm-up, simply running warms You, the computer will increase the slope, simulating running uphill.

In addition, You can specify the maximum heart rate that You could not be overcome and the simulator will reset the load upon the occurrence of a critical threshold. (For example, treadmill Johnson JET 7000 ).

You can also set the desired calories, the trainer himself will choose the desired program, so that the effect was achieved.( An Exercise Bike Kettler Golf )

If you want to climb on the rocks – you can help .( stepper Johnson JPS-5100 .

Cardio exercise equipment


They are popular not only because of its fame “supererogatory fat”. Running is a completely natural form of physical activity, not losing its usefulness indoors and even has a lot of advantages over conventional Jogging on a polluted city streets.

Such as: the lack of ferocious dogs and inconsiderate car owners and it’s always fair weather – “dry and Sunny”.

Interactive heart rate programs installed on modern models of treadmills, allow the computer to adjust the load independently. Should also pay attention to the presence of the treadmill additional depreciation. Modern models are supplied with shock-absorbing cushions that reduce darnest, so harmful for the spine and joints.

To some extent the burden on them and extinguish the special materials of which famous fitness company doing the treadmill, like Horizon Omega II CS firm Horizon Fitness.

Stationary bikes

They are well develop endurance, strengthen the cardiovascular system, and at the same time train the muscles of the legs and back. 40 minute brisk ride on this bike you can burn as much as five hundred calories!

The onboard computer will show what distance You traveled, at what speed and heart rate, and how many calories did spend. On cardio models of exercise bikes is also provided with interactive heart rate programs that automatically adjusts the load as Kettler DХ 1 .

Completely safe for self-study can be considered a program pulse area from 120 to 160 BPM Rest for trained athletes under the watchful eye of a coach.

Increase should be gradual. At beginning of each new level will take two to three weeks (with two or three single lessons per week).

More overweight cyclists need special exercise bike with back support, which is engaged in an almost reclining position and more comfortable seat. To pedal and just take this miracle is much more convenient. And less strain on the back, such as Horizon Fitness RSC 200.


They mimic climbing stairs and thus successfully perform not only common to all cardiovascular function, but also the most actively train the muscles of the legs and pelvis. The latter makes them particularly interesting for women.

In modern Steppers have a computer for regulating the load, measuring the pulse, setting the cadence and rhythm, for example Kettler Power. Not long ago, the Steppers were at the peak of fitness fashion, but now they lost the palm elliptical trainers.

Elliptical trainers

In fact, this kind of “mixture” of the treadmill, stationary bike and stepper. Dealing rearranges feet or pedals with elliptical amplitude. It is believed that this “elliptical step” purposefully employ various problem areas and especially the muscles of the legs, buttocks and thighs.

In these simulators, you can even move backwards, working through all the “unreached” fitness space. Handles allow you to do parallel training the chest muscles, arms and back.

On the computer elliptical trainer can also ask your distance, workout time, the optimal value of the pulse. Some modes designed specifically for wrestlers with cellulite. May be, to finally say goodbye to this scourge and you will fail, but in any case, such classes on the elliptical trainers are much more effective anti-cellulite creams. A good example is the Horizon Fitness Andes 200 .

The aim of the training is simple and lies on the surface: to lose weight, strengthen and develop muscles, but…. to do this correctly, without damage to health. Our article and cardio equipment company will help You to find a middle ground.

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