Fitness for beginners

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On cold autumn days the desire to lead an active lifestyle is rapidly fading. Indeed, in grey and rainy weather we want to make a Cup of hot tea, wrapped up in a blanket and absolutely nothing to do. The result of this approach, as a rule, become the hated extra pounds gained during winter hibernation. Do not shelve their plans for training your body for the

summer, because fall and winter is the best time to take your figure! We consulted with the experts of the network of fitness clubs X-Fit and have put together a series of tips that will help you start the classes without delay.

First of all, get rid of the habit to start a new life fromMonday or the first day of the new month. To act always need at once, this minute! If you decide to take on your figure, proceed to the execution of its decision. Experts suggest that you set clear objectives and set the time to achieve them. Relieving urgently a few pounds during the week before the trip, a vacation is a difficult and harmful task. But to lose 2-3 pounds a month with regular workouts, proper exercise and a balanced diet – the goal is achievable.

For girl an important part of preparation for an active lifestyle is a choice and purchase beautiful and comfortable. Now a large number of both expensive and budget brands produce special clothing for fitness. Having bought a lot of bright and interesting outfit and shoes, you will not be able to let them gather dust in the closet!

According to fitness experts, at the initial stage of training in any case you should not abuse your body. You need to start with small loads and gradually increase them. Between workouts, the body must rest and recover is to do best 2-3 times a week. To obtain good cardio to start with the elliptical trainer and stationary bike. From strength training is suitable for beginners basic exercises – squats, lunges, dips, push-UPS, pull-UPS and work on the press.

I advise beginners to get acquainted with various interesting types of workouts. After all, if you like the lesson, the desire to succeed is greatly increased – there are now a wide variety of load types for the active lifestyle. For example, in the network of fitness clubs X-Fit offer a range of group exercise on choice for experienced trainees and beginners. Program sessions in clubs include strength training, aerobic programs, Mind&Body, water activities, dance programs, as well as martial arts and functional training. After trying different types of workouts, you will be able to understand that you really like.

But if you seriously are going as soon as possible to correct the shape and plan to do at the gym for yourself, you had better consult a personal trainer. Create a competent training program without special education is complex and sometimes impossible task. Because even if you will work hard to pedal an exercise bike or rock press, the result of the efforts may not be as we would like, or even bring harm.

Treat your body with respect and go to the gym! But the result will not keep itself waiting! Time to turn the gym into a real celebration, especially in the dull autumn evening!

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Fitness for beginners
Travel news Psychology Horoscopes Health Food Culture Tests World of spices and herbs to Personal horoscopes Service "Move it and lose it" Best in the cities Who's funnier? On cold…

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