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Elliptical trainers are cardio machines. They are a cross between their counterparts (the Steppers and treadmills) and at the same time have other additional functions.

Like any other cardio machine, ellipsoid simulator helps in the first place, strengthening the cardiovascular system, improve the work of respiratory and intensive burning of fat. And also increase the stamina. An elliptical trainer is ideal even for people in age and have suffered injury. All this is achieved while sparing the joints.

Features elliptical trainer

The main feature of elliptical trainers is that they provide an elliptical path of motion of the pedals, providing the ability to perform movements both forward and backward. Exercising on it have a comprehensive impact on the majority of muscle groups (gastrocnemius, hip, spinal, thoracic),lower total body mass and improving body tone.

Moving the pedals you maintain a natural upright posture. Thanks to such design in the classroom you will not feel pain in the joints, because the load on them will be minimal.

The difference of the elliptical from other machines:

Exercising on the elliptical trainer you carry the entire weight on the leg muscles, buttocks, thighs and the muscles of the arms, shoulders, chest and back. Thus relieving the load on knee and ankle joints.

Only classes on the elliptical machines allows movements forward and backwards, which contributes to the good development of the muscles.

How to choose an elliptical?

First, determine the amount of money you plan to spend on purchasing an elliptical trainer. Modern models have a large spread in feature set, and therefore on the price range.

Secondly, to select suitable for you trainer, you need to focus on your individual parameters:

Weight . Weighs more than the athlete, the more solid must be the design of the elliptical trainer. Characteristics and the description of each model, you can easily find the maximum user weight capacity of this elliptical trainer.

Growth . Growth affects the length of your step. The higher your growth— the wider and longer the step, and thus the simulator must match your settings, otherwise lessons will not bring any benefit and will only cause discomfort.

Contraindications to practice on the elliptical trainer

Classes on the ellipsoid, as with any cardio, provide a large enough physical activity. So before you start training, you should consult with a doctor and monitor your condition during exercise if You have severe cardiovascular disease, tachycardia, thrombophlebitis, or a severe form of diabetes.

Elliptical trainers are rapidly gaining popularity among women because they are perceived as an effective alternative to shaping or fitness. Particularly popular elliptical models such famous brands of sports equipment, Torneo, Kettler. In our online shop you can find different kinds of elliptical trainers for the home and for professional use in fitness clubs.

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