Chinese gymnastics

I’m sure many of you have heard that the Chinese gymnastics promotes weight loss, Wellness and mood elevation. All this is true! But did you know that there are so many different types of Chinese gymnastics and each of them has its own good? Let’s look at the most popular healing practices in order to you could make your informed choice.

Chinese Qigong

Qigong – this is one of the most ancient Chinese exercises. But to this

day it is widely used in traditional and non-traditional medicine in modern China. The basic principle of this health technique is the mastery of the vital energy “Qi”. After all, as the Chinese say, a surplus or deficiency of this energy can lead to various diseases, but also to death during illness.

All Chinese gymnastics exercises Qigong are selected individually. While at first they need to perform only under the supervision of the master. It will determine the exercise program and will follow the technique. Also Qigong master will give advice on lifestyle changes. In strict adherence obtained the advice you must:

rejuvenateyour body;

get rid of chronic diseases and excess weight;

learn to control your body;

improve the quality of life.

Chinese Wushu gymnastics

Gymnastics Wushu is akin to a martial art. However, it includes more than 130 areas, each unstructured. But regardless of what type of Martial arts you choose, the principle of development of this technique will be the same.

At the first stage you will learn the exercises. And given they will be in full compliance with your physical training. In the second stage, you have to possess a universal framework for performing all exercises. And only in the third stage, you will have a full workout, consisting of a clear sequence of exercises.

Also at the initial stage you have to change your Outlook, learn how to breathe and feel the basics of Chinese philosophy. It is absolutely necessary. But in the result you will get:

the rejuvenation of the body;

deliverance from illnesses;

harmony of mind and body;

improvement of coordination of movements;

truly “Olympian calm”.

Chinese gymnastics tai Chi

If Wushu is akin to a martial art, tai Chi resembles more of a dance. All movements in this health technique is very slow, smooth and deliberate. That is why tai Chi is often chosen by people with serious diseases or very weak physical training.

The main secret of this type of exercise is that when you exercise you not only produce some movement of the hands, feet and body, but also visualize them. Thus, during exercise involved not only all the muscle groups, but also your mind. And this, as say tai Chi, leads to stunning results.

Incidentally, this kind of Chinese gymnastics recommended during rehabilitation after injuries, fractures and even to reduce the overweight. But just as in all other Chinese practices, you will have to reconsider their attitude to life, to be immersed in Chinese philosophy and to follow the advice of the master. Think whether you are ready to make that change in your life? And if Yes, then go in search of his Master and Teacher!

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