Carbohydrate window after a workout.

The effect of protein-carbohydrate window – benefit or harm

Food after exercise

Well-known recommendation of doctors is to produce meal after heavy exercise no earlier than 2 hours. And it’s not prejudice, just recommendations are made for regular people with their lifestyle and schedule of meals, but not for athletes who are not only eating our own and other products.

Heavy fatty foods in the first hour after exercise will cause an already

tired body to spend more energy for processing, which can lead to digestive problems and pain in the stomach.

Another thing athletes whose daily diet is carbohydrate, fiber and protein in the form of drinks, supplements, vegetables and lean meat, such as chicken breast.

Such food does not require significant processing costs. But even the kind of food to take during the first 30-40 minutes after your workoutis not desirable. With the exception of special sports drinks.

Protein-carbohydrate window

During heavy loads or intense exercise, the body not only spends a huge amount of energy (carbohydrates), but also increases the level of adrenaline and cortisol, which, among other things, destroys protein tissue. This effect is also called “protein-carbohydrate window”.

That is, the period after a workout, when the body continues to expend energy. It may last for an extended period of 30 to 120 minutes after exercise, depending on features of the metabolic process in the human body.

It feature a longer time to expend energy after exercise helps to lose weight.

Carbohydrate window when losing weight

Feature of body to consume proteins and carbohydrates not only during, but also after training – a definite plus for dieters. In sport literature one can find articles talking about the dangers of “carbohydrate window”. The underlying assumption in these articles is the destruction of tissue protein needed for muscle growth.

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But if Your goal is just weight loss, it is not necessary to survive. Just don’t forget and don’t be afraid to drink plenty of water, preferably mineral. In the process of losing excess weight is not affected, but the loss of fluid in the body compensates and will help the body to recover faster.

Drinking water is very important because when you exercise the heart has to work harder and well surpasses the blood, but the loss of fluid leads to thickening of the blood, and upon completion of the course, the circulation slows down. And blood flow to the muscles is very important to their recovery, especially in the first hours after exercise, and it is water enriched with minerals will help to improve blood circulation and accelerate the recovery of the body.

Carbohydrate window after workout

Another thing, if the goal of the workout is to increase muscle mass. Every athlete there comes a time when the stage of rapid growth of muscles ends, and each millimeter in volume fall hours of hard work in the gym. Of course, such an athlete can be very scare that his own body after class spends what he has spent several hours at the gym.

And he begins to study literature in search of advice, than to close it “carbohydrate window”. And not a few tips, starting from the fact that the “window” is just a myth and ending a special diet after the workout, which will help to neutralize the undesirable action of adrenaline and cortisol.

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So what to cover carbohydrate window?

To begin, consider the most common advice is to drink the protein and carbohydrate shakes. Based this advice on the fact that the use of “fast carbs” produces insulin, which blocks the action of adrenaline and cortisol. Also cocktails often contain amino acids, a product of protein breakdown, we have what you need for muscle growth.

But the cocktails should be approached with caution, and not every body reacts equally to “clean”, not vegetable, products.

Alternative to cocktails can be:

Dairy products.

Beans, corn.

Nuts, fruits, honey.


It is assumed that during the “carbohydrate-protein the body is able to better absorb these products and get more floors of them, so in this period is useful.

To be completely objective, consider and argue against, namely those that talk about exaggeration of the negative influence of carbohydrate-protein on the growth of muscle mass and well-established mode 5-7 meals a day to change harmful and not necessary.

Protein window

Despite the fact that often the term used as “carbohydrate-protein window”, but in fact, proteins are burned immediately upon completion of the training, and after 20-30 minutes.

The action of the “protein window” is longer than carbohydrate and can reach 2 hours. And here it will be appropriate to consider the principle of increase and cause muscle growth.

The basis of training to increase muscle mass in General is an injury to muscle tissue, which in turn causes the body to increase the volume of muscles, and designed to withstand such heavy loads.

No wonder they say that are useful only 2-3 extreme build each approach performed on the limit. The process of recovery and this desired growth begins upon completion of the training and takes quite a long time.

And now compare two facts:

Protein window starts 20-30 minutes after workout.

The repair process of muscle tissue begins long after the workout and lasts a very long time (several days).

In conjunction with the above to consider and a classic power mode:

During exercise to drink more fluids.

Take a protein shake 30 minutes after your workout.

Meal 1-2 hours after workout.

What conclusion can we draw? The drinking of water during and after exercise not only helps blood circulation and supply of oxygen to the muscles, but also helps the body easier to carry heavy loads.

The protein cocktail reception coincides with the beginning of the “protein window” and reduces the negative impact on the growth of muscle. A meal 1-2 hours to allow the body to operate normally, without additional stress and the negative impact on the digestive system.

Conclusion let us note that the classical diet is justified by years of positive results, and information about the benefits of intensive meal period “of protein and carbohydrate window” or the need to close is not enough. Although, it could be from the fact that someone does not want to share secrets.

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