Breathing exercises for pohudeniya

Gymnastics – choose your method of losing weight

Have a slender and slim figure is the dream of every woman. From nature with beautiful appearance possess, unfortunately, units, and the rest of us to accept or periodic increase in weight, or to exhaust yourself various diets and exercises at the gym that takes a lot of time. However, in any case, to lose weight using various physical exercises it is possible and without visiting a gym. In gymnastics, and there are also different versions aimed at specific problem areas. And, of course, at the peak of popularity of different techniques of breathing exercises, the results of which are sometimes very impressive.

Before deciding what type of gymnastics is right for you, you should determine what will be a struggle. You may need to lose a few extra pounds, and maybe tighten the belly, and, on this basis, you can begin improving your body.


Many of us had a rest in summer camps, where in the morning, practiced conducting morning exercises. Getting up early is not wanted, much less to exercise. Actually, the morning is best suited for gymnastics, giving the whole day a great health and good mood.

Morning exercises for weight loss should be regular, that was the result. Enough in a day to do 10 or 15 minutes, but every day. Focus when you exercise should all problematic areas, but do not forget about stretching, which is extremely important for all muscle groups. Preferably each morning to try to diversify your exercises to the belly, thighs, and buttocks were involved. Below we present several exercises that you can incorporate into your morning exercises:

Start charging with vysalivaniya in place with high knees. Take four steps – inhale, again four steps and exhale.

Do a variety of squats, for example, springy, which are accompanied by pressure of hands on her stomach. Repetitions must be done 18-20 times.

Circular movements with widely spaced legs, where the core is the retraction, and then the protrusion of the abdominal wall.

In the case where there is only one problem area, the emphasis in the gymnastic exercises should do it. Many girls suffer from body fat in the abdominal area. Indeed, to achieve the perfect toned belly is problematic because, in this area mainly accumulate eaten all the buns and cakes. And without exercise, here, of course, can not do. Exercises for slimming stomach will allow you to remove those extra pounds and tighten the belly.

One of the most effective exercises is the squat, with which it is possible to acquire the desired shape. When this exercise works many muscles that can accelerate the process of metabolism. For one needs to squat as long as the forces will not leave you. Important here is the number of sit-UPS.

Doing morning exercises, remember is indispensable at all times of the Hoop. Regularly rotating it around its waist, very soon you will see how disappear fat deposits in the abdominal area.

If you have tried all kinds of gymnastic exercises and want to add variety to your classes, Chinese exercises for slimming is perfect for you. It is based on the movements of animals and helps enhance the health and spirit of man. Below are some Chinese gymnastics exercises.

1. Exercise bear

You should take the posture of a bear, standing on four feet so that the soles of your feet and palms could fully stand on the floor. Slowly start to move, taking a step with the right arm and right leg, then left arm and left leg. And so a few steps. Thus the legs cannot be bent, and the head should be kept down. When this exercise is very well developed abdominal muscles and legs.

2. Exercise Sparrow

With slightly bent knees bend forward. Make small jumps with your head elevated, landing on tiptoe. The arms should be tossed back, reminding jumps Sparrow.

There are many other exercises in the Chinese gymnastics, which aims at burning fat and strengthening muscles.

Another popular pastime-breathing exercises for weight loss. Varieties of this sort of exercise a considerable amount, for example, the system breath. However, they all operate on the same principle: “oxygen burns fat”. You can choose any method that is depending on what you expect the result. The only thing that is necessary when any breathing exercises is regular and conscientious. Let’s consider more in detail some types of this sort of exercise.


This system was developed by an American housewife Greer Childers, who, at 60 years of great looks. Breathing exercises for weight loss bodyflex combines physical exercises with specific breathing. The complex of this system consists of exercises, which can be divided into three groups: isotonic, isometric and stretching. To include isotonic exercises, involving all muscle groups, and when only one of some group of muscles, these exercises are called isometric. And for the development of muscle elasticity resort to stretching.

The essence of beauty lies in the correct and deep breathing exercises. Oxygen is able to act quickly in the blood and actively burn fat when the person starts to breathe deeply. Accelerates metabolism and tightened muscles. Perfectly using bodyflex can how to lose weight and improve overall health. All this is possible thanks to the correct and deep breathing, resulting in the body is saturated with fresh oxygen.

Choose exercises are quite simple, it is important to learn to breathe correctly, simply put, “stomach”, i.e. to do a very deep diaphragm breathing .


This system of gymnastics developed too American Jill Johnson and involves a combination of proper breathing and physical exercises that add up to significant weight loss. Unlike bodyflex, breathing exercises for weight loss Exisis does not involve a very long breath.

This system is effective for removing large amounts of fat because the weight loss will happen faster the more the human body shapeless fat. Thanks to Exisit, operates maximum number of muscles, which leads to the disappearance of excess calories.

To achieve the best result, you should daily for 20 or 30 minutes to do breathing exercises on this system. But before the beginning of classes themselves need to learn the breathing technique, otherwise no result will be.

Breathing exercises Oxisols may include a variety of exercises, such as squats, which are very effective for the buttocks and belly. Important is proper breathing, which consists of several stages:

1. Breath

Relaxing the abdominal muscles, try to smile broadly and expansion of the nostrils. Now take a deep inhale through the nose to get a feel for how the abdomen is filled with air.

2. Three breaths

Tighten the muscles of the pelvis and buttocks, occasionally lifting the lower part of the abdomen, then take three breaths to fill the lungs with air.

3. Exhale

Imagine that you are playing the flute, and for this you should be stretch lips, leaving a small gap, and then exhale the air, simultaneously pulling the belly in.

4. Three exhalation

Dramatically make three additional exhale, emptying the lungs, preparing them for the next breath.

Usually, the first results are visible already after 10 days and, in addition to losing extra pounds, you get rid of cellulite, improve the condition of your skin, get a good mood and incredible energy boost.

Breathing exercises for weight loss exisis – video

Breathing exercises Strelnikova

It is a system developed by our compatriot, a voice teacher Alexandra Strelnikova. Great emphasis in this technique is given to the breath. Therefore, any exercise that involves sudden and vigorous breath. It needs to be very strong and short. It is also necessary to breathe through the nose, and quite noisy.

Don’t forget about the exhale. It needs to be smooth and slow, and be sure to exhale through your mouth. Air from the lungs should not push, he should go quietly and without obstacles. This is necessary to comply with the rhythm of the breath.

In this technique, the breath is integral to the movement that is performed. Choose exercises can be performed both standing and sitting, and lying down, as you prefer. Definitely the number of repetitions in one exercise you should do multiple of four, and after mastering the technique can increase the number of repetitions in half.

It is desirable that the classes themselves are held in a relaxed setting, while you enjoy the exercise, and not languishing from them. The technique involves the daily practice step by step improving. The only way to learn how to breathe correctly, which depends on the end result.

Breathing exercises Strelnikova slimming very soon will give you the first results. Your body will become much slimmer, much better mood, and you will be given a second life.

Whatever kind of gymnastics you choose, in any case, exercise will do you good, and regular exercise can help you get rid of extra pounds and to obtain the desired slim figure.

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