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Swimming is primarily water. And water is life. But with swimming, when a lot of water is always a danger. You know how in the world each year drowning people?

Hundreds of thousands! And not because they can’t swim. In this respect the desire of some people to teach everyone to swim and engage in regular classes differently, as delusions will not name. Or they do it out of some selfish motives, or know not what they do. But probably the first.

On this topic, by the way, an instructive anecdote:

Wife to husband: – came Here for donations to build a new pool.

Husband: “well, give them three. no two buckets of water.

What do you think, water sports palaces, amusement, Aqualandia taught many to swim and it saved a life? Well, well. Your right. Only mostof those who drowned – knew how to swim. They were probably in a state where the sea knee-deep, or overestimated their capabilities, or thought, that water is their native element and best friend. But more often simply swam dived the wrong place and not on its own initiative or died from hypothermia. I’m not talking about sharks and water motorcycles. So annoying requirement of creators school programs to teach all children to swim, however, as well as “how to ski” is either an anachronism and the inertia of thinking, but, most likely, just a desire to obtain additional funds.

And the fact that in Ancient Greece a person who did not know how to write and swim, called “bodily and mentally crippled”, it is not an argument. Someone from the school employees to swim and knows how? And to what extent are these skills useful in life?

With swimming now linked several water sports: swimming at various distances and different styles, curly swimming, water Polo, various types of diving, jumping into the water. Well, back in triathlon and modern pentathlon swim.

As a kind of physical exercise can to some extent be applied to all kinds of “water treatment”, as the aerobics – only swimming long distances. If you compare swimming with other species, then theoretically it is more efficient than normal walking, running and, especially, bike, and, perhaps, not inferior, and in some ways surpasses the walk “”sports”” rowing, skiing and simulating them at the gym.

But it is theoretically. But in practice:

1 – swim in natural conditions in good clean water, without fear of hypothermia, catching some disease or poison almost nowhere. This is especially true for women, because the infection could get in anywhere.

2 – swimming in the pool (especially closed) – this is not aerobics. You breathe? Waterlogged, stinking of bleach air. It’s not better than running during peak hours in the city center. And the water? It’s urine therapy. Of course, in any pool will tell You that the water is clean, flowing, etc., But how clean the water is that smell? And then why does it need to chlorinate?

3 – aerobics – it’s at least 20 – 30 minutes of continuous swimming, a better hour. And at a certain speed, that is, the load when the energy production process will be aerobic. So floating can quite a few. And what it’s for fun every 25 or 50 meters to make the turn. And because some people can’t swim at all, and for them the pool is not swimming, and bathing.

Actually water treatments can be useful to almost everyone and in many forms, but as aerobics. Moreover, frequent and prolonged exposure to water leads to specific reactions of the body – it increases the layer of subcutaneous fat. You walrus, whales and other marine animals seen? And swimmers-“walrus”? Similar?

Some say water is our home environment, we all got out, etc., Even to give birth in the water offer. They are right, but only because we got out of the water. And fish remains. So they fish. However, they say they have scoliosis does not happen. But really a head of them fish.

Winter swimming winter swimming is another very “physical” view, which serves as a panacea for almost all ills. But the vast majority of cases the first winter swimming is and last. To withstand such stress, even following all the recommendations, can only those who have a genetic predisposition. Someone easier to tolerate the cold, someone heat. Some have an ear for music, and other mathematical ability. So if no winter swimming can do, and do not try.

To what insanity comes the propaganda of swimming, shows in one of its publications Dr. N. Elshtein. He writes as one doctor-fan argued, though swimming is much better than running, because the water not only cures all diseases, but twice enters into the human body of oxygen. It is unclear just where this oxygen is, because normally, in humans, the oxygen saturation of blood is 96 – 98%, and even under load is reduced.

But theoretically, swimming, as a form of physical education, General physical training is still a very good tool. You work almost all muscle groups, exercise dose and intensity and volume is not difficult. And cardiovascular system when sailing operates in a particular mode. The fact that the water body is almost weightless and almost in a horizontal position, which significantly reduces the load on the heart.

Very effective is the impact of swimming on the respiratory system. Compare, for example, the figures of swimmers and runners. In addition to all other differences are immediately noticeable difference in the size of the chest. For swimmers it more. This is because they have to breathe against the resistance of water. For them, every breath is a special breathing exercises. I won’t go into details, but just have to say that swimming is a very important kind of physical therapy, particularly for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases of the spine.

If You have the opportunity to swim and You love to do – to health. But don’t drag anyone into the water by force. And “not knowing Ford” never in the water do not climb. And for those who doubt the benefits of swimming, I don’t even recommend it. Better get a run or walk. And the more I do not advise without prior consultation with the specialist to send to the pool of children – constant snot, colds, allergies, etc. provided with it. And God forbid You consult with any swimmer-fan, walrus or a swimming coach. But remember that the sun, air and water – our best friends. Only water and not what flows in urban apartments from the tap in the basin and, especially, in most waters. And don’t confuse swimming with bathing, as a sanitary procedure, hardening, or method of relaxation.

Simulators, allowing at least approximately to simulate swimming, no. First, swimming styles are very different, and, secondly, the technique of movements and their relationship is very complicated. But some in the form of dry swim including additional weights can perform.

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