An exercise bike or a treadmill

The exercise bike and treadmill – the most popular trainers among the newcomers who suddenly decide to do sports at home. But how to determine which one suits you? But both want to spend the money, and not feel shame to pass by the simulator in a couple of weeks of use, coming up with another excuse not to engage. To make the right decision while standing in the store near the cash register, not as easy as it seems. Knowledge of the peculiarity of each of the simulators will help you to make a choice and

decide for yourself: which is better – an exercise bike or a treadmill.

What muscles work when training

What is acquired in the simulator? To say goodbye to extra pounds, and then maintain your ideal shape, without wasting time on trips to the gym. Therefore, it is important to know which muscle groups will allow to study the simulator.

First of all, and an exercise bike, and treadmill belong to the so-called cardio. That is, strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory system, contribute to the training of endurance. The respiratory movementsare effected through the work of the intercostal muscles, and this means that in the process of training swings to the press.

In addition, even for beginners it is obvious that the main load when training in these simulators, lies with the leg muscles: the gastrocnemius, quadriceps and hamstrings, gluteal muscle.

When riding a Bicycle, your upper body is static, while training on a treadmill will also involve the muscles of the shoulder girdle due to the active movements of the hands when running. Thus, training on a treadmill can be considered more complex by the number involved in the process of the muscles, which makes it more functional.

Ergonomics and ease of movement

To practice at home is very important the dimensions of the simulator and ease of Assembly. How to understand that it is more convenient and not to be mistaken with the purchase? It is unlikely that someone will have enough patience and will power 3-4 times a week to collect bulky design of many parts. In this respect, the bike would better meet the requirements of ergonomics: it’s much more compact treadmill and almost never makes a noise during exercise. I’m tired of making, looking out the window? No problem – move the bike closer to the TV, turn on the program about travel and present themselves in a tropical jungle. To move the treadmill as a rule, it is necessary to dismantle it, move the pieces and build again. And, for example, fragile girl, this task is not already on the shoulder. In addition, the moving track tape works pretty noisy.

The safety of using

Compare exercise bike and treadmill in respect of the security in favor of the first. The only moving part in the bike – this pedal. So, it is completely safe for the environment, and the athlete is not in danger during training. Sitting on a stationary bike, you can easily watch TV and even read. Compared to a treadmill requires the utmost care when doing: one awkward movement – and you can lose balance and fall off of the moving belt, injure themselves, and who will be next.

What is more effective for weight loss?

With this question in my head roam girls sports store. Classes on the treadmill engages more muscles than a stationary bike that is more effective for weight loss. When on a treadmill you can use the weights for arms and legs, which will increase the effectiveness of lessons. Particularly suitable for weight loss interval training, when intense exercise interspersed with rest periods. Speed control of running and walking on a treadmill allows you to burn calories effectively. Want to burn 600 to 700 calories per hour of study? Then choose the treadmill. Compare: training on a stationary bike allows you to get rid of 400-500 calories.


If you push the “contradiction” and do not choose the trainer that you like and one that is safe, we will help you with the following recommendations: the bike is contraindicated for people with diseases of the lumbar spine, thrombophlebitis, diabetes, cancer, injuries to the joints of the lower extremities. The treadmill is not recommended for people with heart disease, hypertension, bronchial asthma, rheumatism, back pain, cancer patients, pregnant women with threatened preterm labor. For people with diseased joints and varicose veins to a greater extent fit the bike, as it provides a smoother load on the veins and knees compared to a treadmill.

Of course, to understand what is better and what exercise is right for you, it would be ideal to test each of them at least a week. This can be done, for example, in the gym. In this case the purchase will be more conscious. But the “test drive” can be done at home. On the Internet a sufficient number of rollers with the training examples on each of the simulators. Evaluate the intensity of training from the comfort of your computer.

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