About the benefits of swimming.

I cannot ignore such a useful exercise, as swimming in the pool. Two years ago I went to swimming lessons, and this year even the “swimming season” is not opened. Wrong, guys! Although me running as cardio swimming replaced, here I come true. And about swimming, we still talk and we will not forget.

Of course, the first worth mentioning about the useful properties of this class, and besides, still and pleasant. Although any sport should bring positive emotions, because the discomfort is temporary, characteristic only for “beginners”. So, in addition to prolonging our lives and shortening, so as not to say “free”, unnecessary time…

Let’s run through the list:

The strengthening of the cardiovascular system. Not in vain did I mention cardio. Regular swimming lessons are a great way to strengthen your heart, increase endurance, and prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases. In turn, the respiratory system practices. Especially if you are engaged in, for example, in the gym with big weights, cardio will be very useful. Also swimming will help normalize blood pressure and improve circulation in General. Classes in water reduce blood pressure and improve heart rhythm helps to eliminate the problem of frequent headaches.

The fight against excess weight and develop muscle. In fact, like running, aerobics and other sports, swimming is ideal for burning excess fat in the body. For this recommended daily pool sessions from half an hour to an hour. A faster metabolism will make themselves known. There is evidence that active swimming burns more calories than running or Cycling. During the voyage involved the whole body, especially the muscles of the back, shoulders, flexors/extensors of the forearm and thigh. So trips to the pool will help you to maintain good physical shape. It is recommended by many swimming breaststroke for such purposes. The more water resistance than air resistance, which increases the intensity in the aquatic environment.

Swimming is safest in terms of injuries of sport, so they can do everything without exception, even if there are problems with the spine, joints and ligaments. Swimming can do and people who are contraindicated intense power loads. Moreover, when immersed in water you give the rest back, joints and intervertebral discs, correct body position while training in the pool has a positive effect on the spine. By the way, swimming is recommended by doctors as a method of straightening the posture.

Stress relief and relaxation of the body . As with any physical activity, is swimming in blood are endorphins that help fight stress and nervous tension. Around a body of water causes the effect of massage also promotes relaxation and brings a pleasant sensation.

Begin to go to the pool

So, with the benefits of swimming we decided. If you have decided to start going to the pool, you first need to choose a pool that can be open or covered. The standard length of the pool is twenty-five meters. Before the first visit you need to take a medical certificate from your doctor or in the medical unit of the facility, if available.

A must-have Slippers and shower accessories, as you will have to take a shower before and after training in the pool. Flip-flops are needed not only for convenience but also to avoid Contracting the fungus. You should also take swimming goggles and a special hat, especially if you have long hair. And, of course, swimsuit, depending on your orientation sex.

Tips for beginners

The main styles of swimming – breaststroke, crawl on the chest and back, butterfly. We will not dwell on technique, individual swimming styles. You are able to study them, if you had never had to do this, however issues always arise in practice. Therefore, the first swimming lessons it is advisable to spend with a trainer who will tell you all the features and explain what you are doing wrong. We will talk only about the main recommendations.

Learn how to breathe properly. Perhaps this is one of the main problems that novice swimmers. Improper breathing leads to the fact that you spend more effort and energy, and the heart rate increases dramatically. Many people inhale much more oxygen per breath than it is required. It is important to remain calm and even, measured breathing. You need to learn to keep breathing and cyclical movements in the same rhythm. Thus, the breath is done over water (and what do you think?), and exhale under the water while the exhalation should be twice longer than the inhale. Of course, to learn this is a matter of practice, the main thing is to have patience and perseverance.

Always keep the body in a horizontal state, otherwise you constrain yourself when moving in the water, and your speed decreases significantly. Incorrect body position in the water there is a feeling that swimming is an energy consuming activity. In fact, physical strength during these classes – the element is not of paramount importance, your effectiveness is very strongly influenced by the body position and technique of movements. You should «slide» on the water, not force.

As in other occupations, before swimming it is advisable to perform a warm-up to prepare the body for the upcoming load. There are special gymnastic exercises aimed at warming up the muscles and ligaments that are actively participating in swimming motions. For example, remember the movement of the legs while swimming breaststroke. A good warm-up exercise, simulating the push — squats with a slope feet inside with a wide foot position.

During the classes start to swim with a slow tempo, and then move on to more advanced. After finishing the lesson, follow the hitch, reducing the pace, which will slowly restore breathing and pulse rate.

As in any other sport, in swimming there is a need for constant change of rhythm. This will give you maximum effect of your training is how to improve the cardio-vascular system, and in terms of physical enhancement. Therefore, upon the occurrence of fatigue is recommended to move to a slower rhythm, and after a rest – again to move to more advanced.

If you want to learn how to swim, should perform swimming exercises separately on the hands and feet, as well as separately for right/left sides. This separation will help you quickly understand how to move properly. Because, you see, the harmonious movement of the whole body, — a much more difficult task than the motion of individual body parts. Therefore, it is desirable initially to concentrate on the particulars. In pools there is aid in the form of unsinkable plates, often made of foam. Try to hold down such a plate between the legs and sail only with the help of hands. And Vice versa: do not insert the hands into the work. Besides, such exercises will allow to produce an intensive training of individual muscle groups than normal swimming.

Make a “light snack” just before the workout. Of course, a pot of soup will lead to unnecessary heaviness in the stomach. Therefore, if you have nothing to eat 3 hours before swimming, it is better to eat something light: some fruit or cereal. Very hungry to go on any workout – it’s a mistake, because you do not have sufficient stored energy to “kick ass” and to achieve maximum efficiency from their training.

Well, you can now safely move on to practice. Useful and pleasant to everyone swimming in the pool, not swim for the buoys!

And here is a video about swimming from Galileo…

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