7 games on the trampoline rules and safety

What a happy childhood without a trampoline? Importantly, it is now for a trampoline and walking away is not necessary – in many sport centers together with the kids jump on the trampoline all year round, and in summer they are installed in the parks. In addition, you can put a trampoline in their country – and enjoy it for almost 4 months out of the year, and even more! Trampoline – this is, firstly, always fun, and secondly, it contributes to overall physical development of not only children but also adults, fans to sit behind computers and in offices. Now, I’ll give you the facts, after which you probably think

seriously about buying a trampoline or finding a gym where he stands.

The national office of the U.S. aerospace NASA has conducted studies that have shown that trampolining – one of the most effective ways multifunction training. According to the researchers, 10 minutes jumping on the trampoline for energy are replaced with 30 minutes of Jogging. Trampolining is 68% more effective than Jogging.

Trampoline excellent coachingcardiovascular system, are “soft” type of training (much softer than running due to the soft surface of the trampoline), to help maintain good physical shape, and most importantly – take away unnecessary tension, improve mood, and bring incredible fun for the entire family!

Games on the trampoline

Except jumping and practicing with a coach, on the trampoline, you can play standard games – in role-playing games, ball games, games to account and others. Today I will talk about some of them. Most importantly, they will tell you the way to come up with even more games by themselves and with their children – already they have something imagination works sometimes even better than adults!

Role playing on the trampoline

Trampoline, like any space, sometimes turns into the most unbelievable things and acquires amazing stories. So, today, a trampoline can be a closure for beautiful princesses and brave knights, tomorrow – hut, hidden in the woods.

The trampoline can be set up children’s tent (no sharp corners) and make a double house (don’t forget about the safety net that the players did not fall into the abyss!)

In such a tent to spend the night, go on a real hike with sleeping bags, flashlights and cookies at night!

Winter games

Some trampolines withstand even the winter frosts and they can jump in the snow! Imagine how fun it is to jump on the trampoline in the snow. On the trampoline in the winter you can play in the snow, build a fortress and make a snowman, to find out whether he is able as well to jump on the kids?

Creativity on the trampoline

In the summer, having participated, you can work out and work, Yes, right on the trampoline! On the surface of the trampoline you can draw with crayons (about availability, contact the manufacturer!) After drawing the surface of the trampoline is enough to wipe with a damp cloth.

On the trampoline, you can organise a foam party for boys and girls and their parents. In addition, on the trampoline, you can sunbathe – soft, comfortable, and besides, the black color attracts the sun. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen if the sun is too strong. And, of course, it is best not to sunbathe in the daytime, when you can get burned.

Lying on the trampoline, you can read a book, chatting with my friends, telling scary stories at night – and many that only have enough imagination!

Active games

The Buddha, Wake up!

One player sits in the center of the trampoline in a posture of meditation and pretends to be meditating (legs crossed, hands on knees, palms up). Other players in the game have to jump around the Buddha, in order to confuse him – to cause to lose balance and fall. The Buddha must not use my hands to keep balance, it should not change position. When Buddha finally wakes up (i.e. falls), in his place stands the next player.

Crack an egg

The game is similar to the previous one: one of the participants becomes “egg”. He sits in the center of the trampoline, pulls his knees, grabs their hands and should be in such a position and most importantly – not to stretch my legs! The other members jump around and try to do everything possible to the egg “crashed” – “crossed over”. “Egg” are not allowed to touch the trampoline hands and do something to help yourself balance.


Try usidish

Game on “perseverance”: the participants sit on the trampoline and on the count of three begin sitting bounce on the trampoline. Hands to touch the surface of the trampoline is forbidden! Wins the one who will last the longest on the trampoline and falls!

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