30-50 minutes of vitality and the dubious pleasure

Morning physical exercises is performed in order to rapidly bring the body after sleeping in a vigorous condition and systematic physical exercise. Charging is an indispensable element of the routine begins 10 minutes after lifting and is held daily, except for weekends and holidays.

By the HFA or charging

I don’t know who we were supposed to run away during the service of the whole army, but to run the school had to constantly. Such a good beautiful goal broke on the ineptness of the army system. My sluggish after sleeping the body is enjoying the new day and the opportunity to cheer on a freebie according to the dictates of the great Bible of all the war games – masters LO (the Manual on physical training in the armed forces) have always met the need to run. Right from the morning. Where? Why?

Long led the event officer. In General, the ideal with us constantlyhad to run one of the officers of course, but where did you see the ideal, especially in the army. And if they weren’t, normally, but when I was charging turned into 30-40 minutes of running around. Ended it all by pulling handles/legs on the parade ground, is famous for the complex floor exercise number 1 (because the second in the army, few people remember) and the return to the barracks, to the morning toilet.

But now about the charging. In the beginning of the service, even in the camp I really liked this process. I really felt in the army, was ready for this, I wanted to develop physically (because of heavy boots reduced my running speed and heart on the crossbar by about a third). But it was summer, the heat and atmosphere of the camp, where what you want? I mean the shower or something. Came out in the field, as they say, — live like a pig, act combat (underline).

But autumn came, after her nasty fall, then winter, we have long been transferred to the barracks, but nothing has changed. Soul. Rather formally, he was. But three of the nipple over a hundred dug. And this little. Because my attitude to the charge began to change for the denial. Not complete, but partial. Yes and it is understood that they can be somewhat diversified. Because the main aim is good, the epigraph I will not lie.

I was never a supporter to mow anything, but happily engaged in mass from being charged. And the space was. One of the sports camps-complexes with horizontal bars, the mother of army equipment and benches for training the muscles of the abdomen, located behind the barracks, engineering faculty, in front of the infirmary. There were in the morning. In small talk, for the discussion of the prospects for dismissal in town this weekend and other necessary business type of contemplation cleaning the territory of the companions. In the winter the way to keep warm was running for yourself. And hands/feet Mahal. Because if in order to keep track of everyone who does what on the charge of one officer is not enough, then nobody could pass prematurely to the barracks and do not need more. So in terms of dealing with the duration of charging everything was strictly.

Ostentatious charging

Happened, of course, other scenarios are possible. Sometimes our teacher all Academy attack attack justice and indignation at the poor training of future personnel. And then with a whistle on his neck and the military orchestra under the Windows he came to Wake us up (first floor, ostentatious barracks) to show everyone how it should be actually.

On the parade ground was all the command of the faculty, or even two, and we gave them a show in the form of running with high lifting hips, right and left side and other intricate elements of the army’s gymnastics. Have you ever ran to the music of a brass band? And I Yes. The truth wasn’t often all about the upcoming event knew in advance that does not reduce the degree of idiocy of this action. This is purely my subjective opinion, no it does not impose. Called all this ostentatious charge, was part of the learning process, so we should think invented some grandfather from physical education during the period between the solitaire and the memories of the glorious years when he “divisions commanded”. More on charging I have nothing to add.

But this video is what we need. Only we were not engaged in sportswear, and military №1, №2, №3 and №4.

Form # 1 — is in shorts and t-shirt (never ran);

No. 2 — it’s bare torso, boots and military pants.

No. 3 — chronic overtraining can cause cycle. And it could be not only in physical activities. Hard work + lack of sleep and nutrition. And when the background of this girl comes in the gym – the resources of the body are exhausted. It is clear that in such a situation you can’t blame the workout.

Another cause of a violation of CMC – reduction in the percentage of adipose tissue in women. Many girls at the same time with a pretty intense workout sit on a fairly strict diet. Once the fat percentage falls below the norm, you may experience problems with the cycle. Normal for women is usually considered to be 17% to 20% of fatty tissue from total body weight. It may start at 10% – 12%. As a rule, the press cubes (sought by many women) are starting to be seen in these same 10% – 12% fat. Draw your own conclusions, ladies.

Another reason is the use of anabolic steroids. Higher doses of testosterone suppress the estrogen, producing imbalances in the female body. But this mainly applies to professional athletes who know all of these risks. So I’m not going to read morals)).

Physical activity in General and training in the gym in particular may not be the main cause of disturbances of menstruation in women. The vast majority of cases, the cause disorders of menstruation lies in chronic fatigue or reduction of adipose tissue below normal. And often – in both of these factors simultaneously. In pursuit of financial independence and fashion for beautiful news many women are forcing your body to work at maximum capacity.

So if you just started going to the gym and discovered a minor disruption cycle – wait a bit, and everything will return to normal in a month or two. In the rare cases where this did not happen, and you normally sleep and eat – consult your doctor. Hope this article was useful to you. Good luck!

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