10 tips for choosing to engage in fitness

The pace of modern life to make time for fitness it is very difficult, but easy to stop training, finding a lot of excuses and justifications. How to introduce exercise into your life on a regular basis and help yourself to get involved in the workers stadium schedule?

How to fit fitness in your life schedule

For sports in any case have to find time, embedded training among other things. So let’s see how to do it easier and better. Fitness is not a

hobby that is involved in the mood and in my spare time. You need a result, and to achieve the result required regular and consistent training.

Each missed workout is a step backwards. For permanent tangible effects of exercise need a certain number of them. There is a significant difference between the hundred and fifty workoutsfor the same time period. After a hundred workouts to look and feel you will be not twice, but three times better than after fifty. Any useful thing that you can always find the time, it would wish.

A fitness – hour

Many are mistaken in believing that gym they just don’t have time. Actually, support training effect recovery takes just one hour three times a week. Three hours can be found even on the busiest week.

For the transformation of the figure will train 4 times a week. If aerobics to replace your morning jog, a trip to the gym quite keep within the hour (along with shower and changing clothes). Not so much it will take time.

The more that fitness, like everything else in our lives, is not in place. And today offers time-saving programs that combine aerobics and strength training. Training it lasts no longer than 25-30 minutes, but thanks to a fundamentally new technology classes become even more effective. So talk about the lack of time is just an excuse.

Work on the bugs

Setting goals doesn’t mean her decision. Surely you have repeatedly tried to start a new sport, but something prevented you. Try to understand why you dropped out?

Without understanding the reasons, which is likely to be several, you run the risk of once again throw fitness, having stuck in the same swamp of excuses. Discuss with the person who has long been involved in fitness. He or she helps to keep yourself motivated?

Together cheerfully to walk… tap

When you walk into the gym one is easy to miss a workout, because no one don’t need to justify anything to anyone don’t need to explain. Therefore, access to the athletic club with like minded preferable: friends will not just “skip” a workout with friends and fans of fitness is easier to discuss problems and celebrate successes.

If your closest friends are not used to break away from the sofa and enjoy only the new fat, change of friends. Look for fitness fans who have already achieved impressive results, get to know them and join their gym.

Time management

Most likely, the time deficit arose because of the usual absence in the life of the order. Time, you need to learn to control, otherwise it is, like money, out of the unknown. Effective time management begins with the conduct of the detailed records of their Affairs after work.

At the end of the week analyse what you have penetratio your time, since you miss him. Distribute different evening chores, delegate some cases to husband and children. You whatever was necessary to find time for yourself. You don’t want to be fat, become ugly and aging prematurely!

However, just to accumulate housework is impossible – it is fraught family showdowns. Careful monitoring of time and eliminate unnecessary. The show? An extra visit a bored girlfriend? Invite a friend with you to workout there and talk to them. Or girlfriend and lazy will leave you alone.

Fitness is more than questionable pastime. Your own health and fitness is more valuable than many everyday things without which we could do without.

You work – the phone is resting

Do not be distracted by phone calls during your workout. The call may be important, if you expect this, but, basically, the phone just distracting in idle talks. Start a conversation in the middle exercises, you are cool overworked muscles, increasing the risk of injury and at the same time lose concentration, attitude and drive.

What distracts you most from school? Talk with her friends? The Internet? Then you need an effort to prioritize: fitness first, then everything else, maybe even as a little reward. And mobile best left in the locker dressing – received calls from him going anywhere.

The schedule to the wall!

On the one hand, to plan your life is boring, on the other hand, life becomes richer and more effective if we can get more done. We have to reserve in life for something important, otherwise important things may simply not be enough time.

This should always be considered force majeure and to leave one day a week, which can be used for training instead of the omission. If everything goes according to plan, and failure did not happen – just relax or do other necessary chores.

Practical psychology dictates that hung on the wall schedule can be very useful. Enter training in the graphs of two weeks in advance. Even after distribution by hours of home Affairs, many graphs will remain free. At this time, you can schedule a trip to the cinema or meeting with friends.

Training program

After you find the time for fitness, you only have to make a correct training program. And behind this is to seek professional help. Only the coach may recommend exercises and mode of their performance, otherwise you run the risk of wasting the hard-cut time.

Lock tasks that are going to solve it by means of exercises, in your diary and grab him for a conversation with the coach. Be sure to mention the reasons why you quit the workout early. Of course, the advice of a personal trainer is expensive, but you only need the first class clubs often provide new free.

Go for the orders!

Keep yourself praise and reward at each stage of the work. Buy yourself some new sneakers or branded t-shirt from the latest collection. Such things just needed, and to reward yourself regularly, for example, beaten a personal record or just for the month of productive practice.

Transformations take time – you will not see the magical transformation after weeks of training, so gifts for yourself will help to maintain the right mental attitude and not give up halfway. Six months later, the need for such a safety net will disappear by itself – instead, it appears encouraging compliments.

Endorphinic don’t want?

Start in any business is difficult. Long been proven that the stress of the new habit takes about three weeks. Then acute stress response is smoothed, and the newcomer begins to feel more confident. After twenty days of exercise will get better and in another month they will start to bring real pleasure.

Why is this happening? From the “hormone of joy”. Satania sports stimulate the secretion of brain endorphins, and 10 minutes after the start of the workout felt an irresistible delight. And this state want to repeat again and again. Endorphins bind to the practice stronger than any motivation and persuasion. Only a little patience and wait for the right condition.

Fitness classes drastically change not only the body but also the nature. You will become calmer, more confident and purposeful, and self-esteem will soon soar to the high standards of the Swedish wall.

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